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  • Author Aaron Stevenson
  • Published December 28, 2011
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First, if you go fishing much at all, Ugly Stik will most likely ring a bell. If you have not, if you fish long enough you will definitely hear this specific name some time or another. Regardless, The Ugly Stik fishing rod is manufactured by Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a company that has been around for a hundred plus years and they have been making fishing accessories since they existed.

I say all of that because it is very important to understand the length of time the Ugly Stik has been around and why it truly is still among the best fishing rods you can purchase today. Without any doubt, you just will not find a better quality fishing rod for the price, but more about that later. Back in 1976 was when the Ugly Stik was initially developed and it did not actually become mainstream until the 1980's. After that, it was not long at all before folks started to figure out that this rod was dependable and durable. A good example is a personal story of mine. I was a kid in the 1980's and I bought my first Ugly Stik casting rod when I was eight years young. This was back in 1989. Anyway, every Friday night when I fish in local bass tourney, I still use that same rod. Now, frankly, It is simply amazing to me that I have gotten twenty years and counting out of this fishing rod! Otherwise, if you are thinking different, then I want to know what rod you are fishing with!

The crazy thing is where can you get a rod like this for thirty to fifty dollars? This is why I said earlier, you will not find a better quality rod for that price. Why are they so inexpensive you might ask? Well, when the product that you have been making for a long time has been selling and selling, the price can be dropped because you know you are going to sell a lot of volume. The Ugly Stik is exactly that! Shakespeare knows their customers are going to buy it because they know they are getting a dependable, quality rod. For women, children, amateurs, and even pros, the Ugly Stik has set the standard in fishing rods. If you don't believe that then look at me. For twenty years now, I have fished with one of my Ugly Stiks as a kid, as an amateur, and now still not a professional, but without a doubt a fisherman who has been out on the water more than just a few times. See for yourself and just try it. It sure will not break your wallet like other rods on the market can!

Aaron is and avid fisherman who maintains a website about the Ugly Stik. Ugly Stik Rods of all sorts are found here.

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