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  • Author David Stillwagon
  • Published December 25, 2011
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Can an old dog learn new tricks can an older individual understand brand new ideas? Who says that within a particular age your mind eventually closes stopping you from mastering something completely new? Needless to say that’s incorrect and also the perception that you just can’t change the way in which you are doing things or even establish significant changes in life is likewise erroneous. You've heard this countless times nonetheless age is simply a number. Don’t think that when you get to an age such as fifty you need to be satisfied with the way in which things are. You can reinvent yourself at 50.

Fifty isn’t that old, despite the fact that modern society seems to have constantly made the fiftieth birthday some type of over the hill milestone. Your life is over fifty percent through and you are going in to the final stage of your respective life. Obviously that's absurd. Age is not a road marker on a dead end highway!

The initial step toward reinvention is without a doubt self-evaluation. Exactly where are you currently and exactly where would you like to be? What would you want to improve, your wellbeing, and your career, your everything? Jot it down and give it plenty of thought. Over the next few weeks, add more things and cross out things that you may have changed your mind about. You want to be certain so don't rush.

You've made your own checklist and you just about wish to change almost everything. Go through the list and choose which item you need to change initially. This is very important since you don’t want to try to change all the things simultaneously. Consider little purposeful actions to making the changes if you attempt to accomplish everything right away you'll fall short.

Health is definitely an excellent starting point simply because finding yourself in good health can make all of your other issues simpler. You'll have much more vitality and you'll feel happier about yourself. Starting to work out as well as eating right will take time therefore do not get frustrated.

Let’s say yet another objective is to find a job or perhaps a more desirable job. You might have read as well as heard that people older than 50 find it difficult obtaining jobs due to the misconceptions that are perpetrated by modern society regarding older workers. You can’t allow other’s views to dissuade you from your own dreams. Dreams will be as significant when you're fifty as when you are twenty so stay focused.

Change is usually exhilarating in addition to being nerve-wracking. If one makes strategic and careful plans and stays with them you will notice that change can be very rewarding. You’ll most likely ask yourself why you didn’t try to make any kind of positive changes in your life before this.

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