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  • Published February 8, 2012
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This is the age of information technology and communication and it will rule forever like never before. World-class companies are vying and collaboratively striving to get the supreme crown of market dominance. In order to pursuit the same, they are trying to minimize their operating-cost, bottle necks, possible risks and at the same time enhancing their power, efficiencies and insights to the company operations. In this decathlon of superiority and high-magnitude race to kingdom, companies are becoming self-sufficient in nature to keep pace with the rapid pacing environment. In this scenario, nothing is even and economic turbulence can strike at any point of time.

World economies are growing towards more fluctuating graphs with little hope. This is the reason one must be able to stand like a stone in this tough economic situation. It is even important to know the perfect aspects of self-sufficiency and become as efficient as possible. Here, self-sufficient does not only mean to become efficient to earn money but also to be powerful enough to withstand any long-term economic turbulence. In fact, one should adopt proven and effective strategies to become self sufficient. However, this can be easily achieved by concentrating on body, the atmosphere, relationships, the finances and the nature.

However, self-sufficiency can also be achieved by dramatically reducing the rising energy or utility bills. It can be easily achieved by using the scare (non-renewable) resources as low as possible. These non-renewable resources (coal, wood) are very little in this atmosphere and must be used with full prudence. One can use solar power and can substantially reduce the overall energy costs. Solar power is supposed to be the best and most abundant resource available on this earth.

Moreover, self-sufficiency can also be achieved through:

• One can raise and preserve food for long term

• Collect and conserve water for harsh days

• One can use solar powered products to reduce energy bills

• Water harvesting

• Green plantation

• One can utilize solar water panels

In fact, if you have HVAC unit in your home and you apply sufficient insulation to your house, you can conserve energy easily. No home is properly insulated and cool energy escapes from the attic and other gaps between the windows and walls. Proper insulation can easily create an envelop that restricts cool air to go outside.

In essence, self-sufficiency is just a way of simple living and a better way to make life easier & trouble-free and above all less dependent.

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