Self-Sufficiency for Sustainable Development


  • Author Josiah Fordahl
  • Published February 12, 2012
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Corporate entities are growing towards more sophistication like virtualization, software as service, data as service, data convergence, database collaboration and much more. This is to make their identity more prominent and impressive. The main reason behind adopting such high-class and cutting-edge technologies is to make consumers satisfied and make their organization competitive and innovative. This is the case of global giants and service providers, means they are growing towards advancement and independence. Such technologies and advancement not only keeps these companies ahead of the competition but also offers them the required immunity from the economic jerks. If global companies can make them self-sufficient and physically strong then as individuals, people should think over it.

Here, self-sufficiency simply can be stretched as the state of acquiring capacity of being independent and not requiring any outside assistance for the very survival. It is therefore a type of personal or collective autonomy, which entails about zero-dependency. It is highly important in order keep the present and future safe and jerk-proof. In pragmatic terms, it is genuinely an idea of substantiating character features that you, yourself can count on. You may not realize easily or in present case scenario, but asking "How to be self sufficient" is a difficult question. In fact, it the art of living completely independent and think ourselves as a whole entity itself. It also means to stay miles from lavish lifestyle and opulence or in simple terms accept simple living.

Here, simple living simply can be defined as living away from lavish life and extravagant living habitat. However, it also means, low dependence on the market for food, low dependence on rain for drinking water as well as growing your own energy through solar powered batteries. It also means learning calm, intuitive and meditative skill like candle-making or art, crafts, etc. It could refer to water harvesting. It is a simple technique to accumulate rain water and store it for future use in summer season. It can be achieved through storing water underground through gutter pipes implemented on the roofing systems.

Self-sufficiency can also be achieved through utilizing solar energy for light and cooking. It is practically possible to cook food daily though sun light only. Even water can be easily heated through solar water heaters. It is easy to harness the sun’s energy in different forms by storing it. In essence, individuals must pursue social, economic as well as ecological sustainable development for the planet.

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