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  • Published February 12, 2012
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When you travel to San Antonio Texas a recommended visit would include the Alamo and the River Walk. Experience the rich interactive history and culture, the same as the four million (4,000,000) visitors who pass through the historic site annually. Within walking distance is the famous downtown River Walk area. Since you will be walking most of the time through museums, shops, and restaurants, you will need to carry your essentials in an organized fashion. It may be suggested you carry a leather satchel or tote?

At the Alamo, when you stand in the Shrine, you experience a sense of awe and a haunting feeling. It is not a shrine as if it were for the worship of heroes, or the practice of ancestral worship. It is not a haunting feeling such as the idea that ghosts still inhabit the area. It is a shrine because it started as a mission or church building, but now like Gettysburg, the ground has been hallowed by the deaths of those who gave their lives defending their beliefs. The feeling is haunting because of the legends expressed, in books and cinema, of the famous battle.

Hats of gentlemen are removed when they enter the shrine. There are no photos allowed in the old mission building. That might be partially due to hallowed reverence you feel in the Shrine. Another explanation that photos are not allowed is the repeated exposure from the intense artificial light tends to damage the artifacts more quickly than natural lighting.

As you view the actual personal artifacts of the defenders of the Alamo, you notice how small they were compared to the stature of people living in this generation. You also notice how practical and pragmatic the gear was. The men on both sides carried at least one leather pouch on their waist and a leather satchel of some fashion. There were actual military couriers who carried a courier or messenger bag. The frontiersmen called their leather bag a "possibles" bag. It held their essentials such as musket balls and wadding for their muzzle loaders. It might hold a pocket knife and some beef jerky and dried fruit and some hard tack.

A short walk takes you to the River Walk (Pasceo del Rio) on the San Antonio (originally called St. Anthony de Padus). The river walk is lined with restaurants, hotels, museums, and shops. There is a huge shopping mall, a Hard Rock Café, Rain Forest Café, and a Starbuck’s to mention a few. A favorite is the Casa Rio (River House). The Casa Rio was the first San Antonio business to open on the river in 1946 by Alfred E. Beyer. If you prefer to drive directly to Casa Rio, cross the river bridge on Commerce street and turn left into the first parking garage. You can park about a half block from the restaurant and walk right into the back door.

When in San Antonio, visit the Alamo, and the River Walk. If you visit around Christmas or New Year to see the seasonal lighting, you might need a light jacket. Carry your camera, water bottle, jacket, sun glasses, and other essentials in a leather satchel or tote. You will be comfortable and in style, having neither bulging pockets nor several accessories hanging from your neck and shoulders.

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