Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys


  • Author Jane Hull
  • Published February 15, 2012
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Traditionally pink has been for girls and blue for boys, but why did this start and where did it come from? Is it still true today that people still want a pink baby blanket for their daughter and blue baby blanket for their son? I have researched this a bit and there is no clear answer, is it just that girls are drawn to pink and boys are drawn to blue?

I was watching a BBC drama the other night and someone was giving birth, at the end the husband came out of the house with baby to show his friends. The baby was wrapped in a pink blanket I automatically thought; well it’s obviously a girl. I was fairly sure that this couple on a small Caribbean island would probably not had the facilities for a scan to sex their baby and nor had the father previously mentioned the sex of the baby. So I immediately thought it was weird that it was in a pink baby blanket, it was almost a continuity issue.

I know when I had my children I didn’t know what I was having and my first was a son. I was emerged into a sea of blue but I didn’t really notice. When my daughter came a long a few years later, we had the same in pink and I could barely cope, our lounged looked like it was glowing. Sufficed to say I am not really a pink person. I fought against it and insisted in dressing her in reds and oranges and even some of her brother’s old clothes. I guess it all comes down to a matter of taste and you choose what you prefer. But it doesn’t stop people constantly referring to your daughter as a boy because she has a blue baby blanket or your son as a girl because he has a pink baby blanket.

At the end of the day I believe it is up to the individual to decide what they like and want to wear, as long as you realise that other people may make assumptions and it doesn’t both you, then it doesn’t matter. Of course this doesn’t stop other people buying specific colours for your new baby, I know that most people knew I wasn’t really a pink fan but that didn’t stop them buying huge quantities of pink clothes and accessories. I did put her in them as I didn’t want to waste them, but as soon as she had grown out of them I made it my mission to buy red and oranges or she just wore her brothers’ old clothes which were mainly blue. Interesting, she now is a real tom boy and wouldn’t ever wear pink or frills; I guess she might grow out of it when she is older but for now she definitely prefers boy’s clothes.

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