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  • Published February 19, 2012
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After a long journey, the visitors to Whitby are more often that not wishing to visit a welcoming café for refreshment. Whitby, in the county of North Yorkshire is well able to satisfy that need with its amazing amount of quality café establishments around the town.

There are two main areas where the cafes are situated and they are the East side and the West side of the town. The River Esk divides Whitby into the two parts united by Whitby's Swing Bridge which offers access across the harbour itself and the New Bridge which spans the lower river further inland.

The oldest part of the town is the East side with its cobbled streets and narrow gunnels. The Abbey on the headland dates from the mid 600s AD. This historic area encompasses Church Street, Grape Lane, Sandgate and the Market Square. Within each of these areas there are to be found cafes offering light refreshments and also substantial meals. Year upon year has seen an increase in the numbers of such establishments offering their customers quality beverages and food. The styles of these cafes are varied in as much as alongside the traditional tea rooms there has been the introduction of the contemporary café offering the modern interior more commonplace in the larger towns and cities of this country. This influx of new proprietors has given 'new blood' to the café market ensuring that competition is invoked thereby creating increased standards of décor and, more importantly, greater quality and more extensive choice of refreshments available.

The West side of the town in comparison has the more modern amenities by way of the Bus and Railway Station and the coach drop off point. It is here that many of the passengers alight after their journey and wish to avail themselves of refreshment. There are a number of cafes ably suited to take such coach parties. In addition there are is a comprehensive collection of cafes of all styles on the West side in and around the town area.

As to be expected in a seaside town of Whitby, there are an abundance of fish and chip shop cafes. Not surprisingly, Whitby is synonymous with 'cod and chips' as is evidenced by the number of blackboards proudly displaying such a menu. Some are, in fact, fish and chip shops but other cafes offer this traditional dish on their menusThe Magpie café on Pier Road is a hugely successful café whose reputation has been built on the standards of it fish menus. Another local dish to be found on the menus in Whitby and indeed all around the country is that of Whitby Scampi.

Some of the latest additions to Whitby's list of cafes specialise in one particular food or another. Another perhaps dedicated to the chocolate lover offering chocolate fountains with which to dip enticing fruit and confectionery.

It is refreshing to note that in this day and age with the economic situation as it is, that there is still a living to be made by the various cafes in the town not only over the holiday season, but also all year round. Customers both local and those from away ensure a continuing business opportunity. Over the last few years the local Council has taken steps to inspect all the café premises with regard to health and safety and hygiene. Inspections of all the cafes are undertaken regularly ensuring that standards are kept and thereby giving incentives to the proprietors to make sure their establishments are well maintained and meet the expected levels.

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