Self-sufficiency through energy Conservation & Simple Living


  • Author Josiah Fordahl
  • Published March 15, 2012
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Self-sufficiency is the most versatile and guaranteed weapon that can build a habit of easy living without depending upon the scarce resources of natural energy. In fact, it is the best and world-renowned process of making ourselves totally independent. In this fluctuating world of economic crises and natural disasters, it is becoming increasingly important to become self-sufficient and save natural energy for future living. As the natural energies are depleting day by day due to immense usage and wastage, it is significant to conserve energy resources and become self sufficient for smooth and efficient living.

Today, self-sufficiency can achieve through many ways; one of the popular ways is to conserve energy and save environmental. By saving environment from pollution, one can easily conserve the oxygenated air and make it more efficient for easy living and breathing. Environment can also be saved by reducing the amount of pollutants to the air, water and soil. As a matter of fact, one should grow food in the form of vegetables, fruits and other edible herbs in their gardens only. It not only makes a person self-sufficient also foster of self-sufficient living in them.

The concept of simple living is one of the most acclaimed phenomenons that most of the people adopt. It not only assists in self-dependency, but also gives complete piece of mind. Most of the people adopt the concept by raising goats and chickens. However, the concept is not restricted to raising goats, it also implies a broad concept that you may adapt as per your needs and understanding of the nature. In fact, it also encircles simple soap making, food preservation, such as drying or dehydrating, making textiles and raising chickens in the backyard, etc.

Besides being simple in life, most of the people choose energy conservation issues to address as the best part of healthy and effective living. In pursuit of the same, they try to conserve petrol, diesel by taking bicycles to their drives. This not only helps in saving precious petrol or diesel, but also fosters healthy living. Those people who practice healthy living and respect nature always emphasize to less pollute the surrounding environment. This practice collaboratively promotes health, self-sufficiency, simple living and above conserves valuable energy.

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