How To Decorate a Child's Room For Less


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  • Published April 2, 2012
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Whether you have a new baby on the way and trying to create a nursery that is safe, organized, and colorful or you are trying to create a personalized space for your child to reflect his imagination, decorating a child’s room can not only be stressful and time consuming, but also very expensive.

Decorating can be a challenge; if you are a real family, with a real budget you can still make your children’s room a masterpiece, you just need to be creative! The empty walls are your canvas. Allow it to be a time for yourself to unleash your own creativity, think like a kid again, and dream of a room filled with wonder and color.

Theme: You may want to create a spaced-themed bedroom for your aspiring astronaut, an action packed hideout for your favorite super hero, or a world of fantasy befitting enough for your royal princess. Picking a theme may seem like the easy part, but you may want to consider picking a broad theme, instead of something exact like "Power Rangers" or "Dora" because you never know, in a couple months your child may not be interested in them anymore.

Wall space: Think about the type of paint you want to use, you will spend a little more money on durable, washable paint that helps resists stains. There is also magnetic paint that you can be very creative with. Buying standard paint is fine; just keep some extra handy for touch-ups. Stencils are also fun to use and there are many to choose from. Using artwork that your child actually made will not only encourage the little artist, but will also give him something to be proud of. Hanging organizers and adjustable shelves are great for storage and to reduce clutter on the floor.

Furniture: Can be the most expensive part if you are looking at designer brands in designer stores, but there is a much better alternative. The internet is full of great places to shop for Cheap Stuff. Online shopping allows consumers to shop at the convenience of their own home any time they want, and minimizes the time spent shopping which is vital for parents with busy schedules. Websites that compare products and prices saves a lot of time and traveling to different stores. Also, different consumers can exchange information through blogs and read reviews about different products to help make the best decisions.

As parents, you would like to create a comfortable, inviting, playful room for your child that you both can be proud of, without blowing your budget. You do not need to spend a fortune decorating a kids room, it just takes some careful planning, creativity, and careful shopping.

Before you start, make a plan to settle on a budget and stick to it. Online shopping and shopping for refurbished items are the best way to go. Think about effects you and your child would like to display in the room and shop around for the most affordable prices. You can also search around your house for items that can be altered with some paint or new upholstery. Once you get started, find some inspiration and let your creativity take over.

Hello, my name is Danielle, I am 24, a single mom, and a writer for Cheap Stuff. I am writing articles trying to inform other parents about ways to save money :)

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