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  • Published February 10, 2012
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Are you looking for a Houma visitor guide? You have found one. Houma, Louisiana, sits in the midst of the Louisiana wetlands. It offers much to those who visit. It sits in the midst of Terrebonne Parish. This area is the heart of the Cajun culture of Louisiana. You see it in the cuisine that is so famous from this part of the Bayou State. The history of the area reflects the Cajun influence as well as the fishing industry that keeps this area thriving. The music is a landmark of this part of the country. You will find it all when you make a visit to this area of the South.

You can find some of the best food Louisiana has to offer in Houma. This area has easy access to the swamps and deep ocean off the coast of Southern Louisiana. That means they have some of the freshest fish and seafood available in the state. They also have many farms and other agricultural centers close by. With the fair weather that much of this part of Louisiana gets most of the year, they have fresh food year round. The cooks you can find in Houma restaurants rival any one you might find in New Orleans. If you like good food, Houma is the place to go. Find that in your Houma visitor guide.

History is around every corner in Houma. This part of Louisiana has a rich history. It is in the center of Cajun and Creole history. This area is still home to the natives that make Louisiana such a unique part of the country. You can tour antebellum mansions that were the center of life in the mid 1800s. You can see trapper cabins where people came to trap and kill the many alligators that populate the surrounding swamps. You can see the rich cultural heritage in the many museums that dot the area. That is something to mark in your Houma visitor guide.

Fishing and music will round out any stay in Houma. The access to water is unparalleled. You can get to the deep ocean with the inlets that go from Houma to the open Gulf waters. You can also troll through marshes and swamps a short distance away. You can troll for dinner just about anywhere and come up with something to eat. Moreover, music is a central part of any celebration in this part of Louisiana. You can hear the distinctive music of the Cajun and Creole natives. You must note that in your Houma visitor guide.

Find out how a Houma visitor guide can make your time in Louisiana special.

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