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  • Published April 24, 2012
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The Show Me State has so much to offer in terms of activities for the seasoned camper to the beginner and anywhere in between.

The beautiful state of Missouri offers some of the most scenic camping in the Midwest. There are many campgrounds located throughout the rolling hills and jetting bluffs of Missouri and winding rivers are abundant in the Show Me State. These vary from Missouri State Park campsites to quaint mom-and-pop campgrounds. Whichever is your preference, one is sure to help you reconnect with nature when camping in Missouri. Whether a person is looking to rough it in a tent in a primitive campsite or load up the RV or camper, there is nothing as enjoyable then camping with family and friends.

Camping by one of the many Missouri rivers is a unique experience. Several of the campgrounds that are located by the rivers offer float trips by raft, kayak, inner tube or canoe. This has become a favorite pastime among several campers that vacation in Missouri. If a float trip is not up your alley and does not suit your style, many of the rivers have some of the best fishing in the Midwest and are just a few feet away from the campsites. Here a person can try their luck at catching small mouth bass, bluegill or catfish, among many other native species.

If camping in a tent or camper is not your cup of tea, but you would still like to enjoy all the beautiful surroundings of nature, many campgrounds also have cabins for rent. These rustic style cabins usually come with all that a person needs to enjoy a few days or possibly up to a week at a campground. Generally, all you have to bring is food, towels and bedding and a sense of adventure, the rest can be left to the imagination.

Many of the Missouri campgrounds have winding scenic hiking trails that are just begging to be explored. Bird watchers and amateur botanists delight at the plethora of plants and animals. Some native species of birds are found in Missouri, such as cardinals, blue jays and finches which can be witnessed flying among the towering oaks and lofty maple trees that provide much needed shade on the trails during the summer time. It is also quite common for people to see many other species of wildlife such as deer, foxes, coyotes and raccoons in and around the campground living in their natural habitat without even having to leave the comfort of a lawn chair.

Camping in Missouri is great way to teach children about nature and conservation first hand. Being outdoors amongst nature makes the perfect classroom for children of all ages. Many of the campgrounds encourage their guests to learn about the native species that they will see while camping in Missouri. Park employees and tour guides often pass out brochures upon arrival or post signs throughout the property informing campers of what type of species live in and around the campground. Employees, park rangers and owners of the campgrounds are more than happy to share a wealth of information with guests about the indigenous wildlife and can usually tell you where they best places and times of day you are likely to see them.

If bird watching is not on your top ten lists of things to do, many of the state parks and campgrounds offer areas for recreation. Softball diamonds, soccer fields, horseshoe pits and disc golf or sometimes it can be called Frisbee golf courses are located in many of the campgrounds and a fun way to spend an afternoon playing with family, friends and other campers. Missouri campgrounds not only provide beautiful scenery, interesting activities and wildlife at its best, it also provides families with time for relaxation and bonding.

In the evening campers can be seen gathered around campfires and socializing under the stars. The smell of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open flame waft throughout the campsites as campers relax after an exciting day exploring nature. Owls and crickets can be heard singing, while lightening bugs twinkle their soft yellow glow and dance through the cool night air in the distance, it is the ultimate time to sit back and appreciate all the beauty of nature.

Visitors that have camped in Missouri can tell you that there is no other place like it on Earth. The abundant wildlife and family friendly activities draw visitors from all over the country to experience the beauty and fun that campgrounds in Missouri have to offer.

The scenic countryside of Missouri can be best enjoyed on a mo float trip down any of the beautiful rivers in the state.

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