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  • Published June 28, 2012
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With so many different styles, capacities and functions of backpacks out there today it can be an adventure all its own just choosing one. That is why it is essential for backpackers to assess their needs before choosing a backpack. Having the right gear with the activity that you are doing can go a long way in helping you enjoy or be more comfortable doing that activity. Consider the aspects of every backpack you are looking at from its size, features and fit. This will ensure that your backpack will last for years of fun and adventure.

When backpacks were, first manufactured in the US they were made to look like a small ladder that went on your back and then bags were attached to it. Today there are many different styles and fits to choose from it can be cumbersome sorting through them all. Most back packs today have a strong internal frame, where the bag is able to hold the load closer to your body. This provides much more comfort to the wearer than previous backpacks. All, backpacks today include some type of suspension system that is made up of straps that hug the waist, shoulders or the top of the bag. These straps help you place the backpack in just the right spot so that you can carry your load in the most comfortable position.

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, to meet the needs of the wearer and the amount of gear they need to carry. Daypacks are available to carry around during the day when you do not need much to carry. They are great for working professionals, students, or a few hours on the hiking trail. If, you plan on going for a longer trip that would require a weekend or several days. It is better to carry a larger backpack that can hold more on your weekend trip. For even longer trips, it is a good idea to carry a complete external frame pack that can have capacities of 80 liters or more. This way you are prepared for every eventuality.

The features on a backpack are really made up of personal preferences to the wearer. The pack you choose could be a nylon pack or a much lighter silicone coated backpack. They style you choose might be a top loading back pack or one with a side zipper that you open. Those are preferences you may want to consider when you are planning on your new hike.

For smaller more frequently used items, there are also a variety of backpacks that include panels and pockets that you can use. Some of these pockets are removable, and you can use them for smaller trips when they attach around your waist. This would be equivalent to a fanny pack.

When hiking, it is important to carry water. Most pack designs have sleeves on the inside or outside that allow you to place a bottle of water. It’s a nice feature to have and can leave your hands free while you are hiking.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect backpack is the fit. If, you just go and pick up any old backpack it could be the most uncomfortable experience your life wearing it. So make sure you get one that is large enough to cover your back and sit evenly on your hips. This is where most of the weight will sit when you are carrying it. It’s a good idea to get measurements of your torso this can help in finding the right length. Most packs are adjustable, so you can adjust the pack to the exact measurements before you buy one. Some of them, you find may have a fixed position on them and so not be the right size. So, do not be afraid to try them on if you can.

One thing to consider is the design of the backpack is if you are male or female. Many companies including high sierra backpacks carry specific backpacks made for a woman. They are designed to fit the curves of their bodies better and shift the weight in the best possible position. Women's shoulders are narrower, so the shoulder straps must be set in to avoid slipping. However, the straps must also curve to fit around the bust.

Choosing the best backpack for your hiking or other activities will ensure sound comfort, design and functionality. All of which you can find in High Sierra Backpacks. Come and see what else they can do at For other camping gear also check out

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