Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

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  • Author Tanisha Adjokatcher
  • Published May 13, 2012
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Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

Well is it?

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Anyway do you smoke weed?

Smoking Weed can make you high and feel very nice. When smoking weed your mind state is at ease, this means your mind is idle. It also can make you lose brain cells and forget alot of things. Its scary but very true and feels so good all in the same breathe.


Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

I would not say Smoking Weed is bad for you, but if you use it the wrong way it can be.

But if you smoke it once in a while, you’ll be fine. (lol)

5 things about Smoking Weed

  1. If you were once broke- Smoke some Weed.

  2. When you win the lotto- Smoke some Weed

  3. If you are going to the Club-Smoke some Weed

  4. If you just made your first $25 in Empower Network-Smoke Some Weed

  5. If you love the E-Wallet emails-Smoke Some Weed

  6. If You love making money-Smoke Some Weed

Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?

Anyway do you smoke weed?

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