Can Babies Talk? The Importance of a Method


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  • Published July 8, 2012
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The best method of nurturing the development of your baby is to have conversations with him or her with both your eyes and your voice. Even babies who are a few days old identify the distinguishing features of your voice and make use of the speech patterns when he or she becomes skilled at speaking.

In addition, you should sing to the baby any song with which you are familiar and not only the songs that are intended for children. He or she will take pleasure in hearing the sound of your voice when you communicate with him.

Pay Attention to the Fundamental Needs of the Baby

Every baby cries when he or she is uncomfortable; whether it is because he or she has to be changed or because the baby is hungry. A happy, settled baby will be able to learn quicker and be more open to stimuli. Therefore, it is important to attend to the baby as soon as he or she gets fussy, cuddle the baby and ensure that he or she is settling prior to getting engaged in the learning process.

Choose the Correct Toys

At all times, ensure that you check whether or not the toy is appropriate for the age group that your baby is in; this can be verified by checking the packaging prior to buying a new toy for the child.

It is essential to decide things that are appropriate for his or her developmental stages for safety reasons as well as because he or she will get a great deal more out of a plaything with which he or she is physically equipped to play. For example, a baby who is six months old cannot appreciate a wind-up toy; however, he or she will get pleasure from a brightly colored toy or one with a special texture.

Can babies talk? Yes! Baby Books Are a Great Help!

Even small babies take pleasure in the experiencing simply sitting on your lap and staring at brightly colored pictures of everyday things that he or she will identify, such as toys or animals. Select books which are made of cloth or cardboard given that they are designed to be touched and chewed.

Use Baby Flashcards

Initiate the baby on the pathway to reading by using white flash cards with giant words written in red. Making use of flashcards to assist children in reading and learning math has been thoroughly studied by Glenn Doman. There is the option of buying ready-made flash cards or you can create them utilizing cardboard or white hard paper and red marker or felt pen.

Bottom line is simple....Talk to your baby throughout the day. For example, when you are changing his diaper you could say "Daddy is changing your diaper." If you are feeding your baby, say "Mommy is feeding the baby." By doing this, you are assisting him or her in expanding his or her vocabulary and learning new words.

Mimic the baby when he or she makes the baby noises. When he or she says Aah and Ooh you should repeat it.

You won't regret to get a program, that will help you learn how to teach your baby to read and it is one of the most wonderful times with your precious little readers. The best part about it is that you can get the free trial version and decide if it's a good match or not. What I would suggest is to visit my blog and get free guides prior to downloading the free version. By doing this, you will be prepared and will be able to enjoy the best 10 min. a day that you can imagine.

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