The Fear Of Dying-You Can't Live Life Afraid Of Death


  • Author Deborah Schaub
  • Published July 14, 2012
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Death, some people have no problem talking about it while others refuse to. Regardless of ethnicity, culture, class, education, region or religion many people simply refuse to have anything to do with the subject of death. Here are seven reasons people fear death.

The Unknown

People are unsure of what death really is. They believe no one knows what happens after death. Not understanding what comes after death scares them. Do we fade off into nothingness or do we live on in another form? They are unsure whether they did everything right to merit an afterlife. Which bring us to the next reason we fear death.

Religious Issues

Many people's fears are religious based. Whether we go to church or not, Heaven or Hell is a subject that is in our culture. The reason many convert to a religious faith is due to the fear of death. To obtain followers many religions target people's fear of death.

The Dying Process

Many people acknowledge they don't fear death itself, just the dying process. Will there be pain? Will they die alone? Will they endure indignities? Many people would rather die in their sleep than have to consciously experience death.

Loss Of Control

We all strive to have complete control of our lives. Despite our education, wealth or physical fitness no one has complete control over death. Commercial marketing preys off the ideal that their product offers a measure of control over death to lure you into a false hope of living longer.

What Will Become Of My Family

One of the greatest worries is how will my family cope without me. In the light of ones death the thoughts of who will take care or be there for the family is one of the most difficult burdens to bear.

Society has created many ways to lessen this fear. We make out wills, give our children God Parents and take our insurance policies. We do all this to give ourselves a little peace of mind that our family will be fine without us.

Being Replaced And Forgotten

Will someone take their place in their family's life? Will someone do my job better than me? Will my life count for any thing? These are all questions people fret over when contemplating their demise.

Many people seek fame or infamy to not be forgotten after death. Everywhere you look you will see some type of memorial which gives us a feel of eternal remembrance.

Not Achieving

Many people fear that they won't get everything done they wanted to accomplish. There has been books wrote upon and a movie done about "The Bucket List." Some worry they haven't completed everything God sent them here to do.

Acknowledging what you fear about death is the first step to overcome it. Talk to your friends or family about the reasons you fear death. Not only will you help yourself with your fear of death but them as well. Seek professional help if you need to. Death is a part of life, don't live your life fearing it.

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