Truck Tents and Tailgate Canopies make Great Vehicle Accessories

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  • Published October 14, 2012
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Truck tents and tailgate canopies are gaining popularity in the world of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. These accessories are perfect for SUVs as well as pickup trucks, and some models even fit cars. The great thing about truck tents and tailgate canopies is that they can be utilized in a variety of situations, from camping to tailgating and beyond.

Using a truck tent for camping saves campers from having to prepare a tent site. With a normal tent, campers have to find or prepare a dry, level surface large enough to set up camp. This can take up a lot of time and energy and also require extra tarps to keep moisture and insects out of the tent. With truck tents, campers can easily avoid these things, making camping quick and easy. Even better, sleeping in your pickup bed will better protect you from cold temperatures and windy conditions. Truck tents are also great space-savers. Whether you are in a campground or on a hunting trip in the middle of nowhere, these unique accessories allow you to consolidate your campsite significantly.

Tailgate canopies also make great portable vehicle shelters. Unlike truck tents, tailgate canopies aren't usually fully enclosed. Instead, these accessories provide overhead protection and are perfect to use at tailgate parties, picnics, barbecues, or for a day trip to the beach. Most tailgate canopies are lightweight, portable and very easy to set up and take down, making them virtually hassle free.

As I have said before, these vehicle accessories are gaining popularity and more companies are coming up with their own product lines to answer consumer demand. This means there is a wide variety of products to choose from, ranging in size, price, quality, materials and more. When shopping for a tailgate canopy or a truck tent you should take durability, versatility, and size into consideration.

If you plan on using your canopy or tent often, it is important to buy a model that is durable. Look for models made with rip-stop fabrics and aluminum poles. Products that offer waterproof, UV inhibiting, and fire retardant materials will also offer the best protection against heat, sun, and rain. Higher-quality models will also come with a warranty or a guarantee from the manufacturer.

It's also important to look for models that are versatile, just in case you don't always use the same vehicle for different events. This is an important variable, especially with tailgate canopies as they tend to be made for the type of tailgate your vehicle has - including lift gate, cargo or barn door, and drop gate styles. For truck tents, options might include long bed and short bed or even drop gate models. They might also vary by vehicle make, so look for a Ford truck tent or a Chevy truck tent if you want a tent made specifically for your truck brand. If you can't find a model that fits various tailgate styles, then finding one that fits your vehicle is the next best option.

Size is a big factor in choosing tents and canopies for your vehicle. Take into consideration not only the set-up or in-use size, but also the space it takes up when stored. When shopping, keep in mind the number of people who will be using the product, as you won't need to buy a large model for just two people and you won't want a small model if your group is large.

Truck tents and tailgate canopies are the must-have new accessories for any outdoor enthusiast. No matter what the recreational activity, having these vehicle accessories will provide you convenience and protection. Take the time to shop around for the right truck tent or tailgate canopy for your needs. There are many stores online that offer a wide range of these products, making side-by-side comparisons much easier.

Renee Christenson invented the Bumperchute®, a tailgate canopy that transforms the rear area of an emergency responder vehicle into a mobile incident command post. These EMS vehicle tents were designed specifically for first responders, but have been finding popularity as recreational truck tents for events as well.

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