The Ultimate Leeds Festival Survival Guide

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  • Author Harvey Mcewan
  • Published October 26, 2012
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Even though the Leeds Festival has just recently passed, there is no reason why you cannot start planning for next year, today. Much of the equipment and supplies may be able to last for several years, therefore these will likely be an investment. It may also be possible to grab a few bargains by buying items that are not in season, such as tents etc...

With such a large array of bands on the line-up, covering a range of genre's it's easy to be very happy with what’s on offer regardless of your music tastes. Chances are you will walk away a fan of other music you would never have listened to before, the joys of such large music events. That span over several days.

So, whether it is Leeds Festival, the similar Reading Festival, Download or even T in the Park. Let's view the camping essentials for those wishing to stay throughout the entire weekend.

First and foremost is the living accommodation otherwise known as a tent. This is where you will be sleeping over the next few days therefore it's highly essential to get right. There's a large range of low budget tents that still provide enough room. There will also be tent packs that provide many accessories such as sleeping bags and camping mats. If your lucky it may also include a folding chair. So make sure to shop around and get the best price to size/quality tent available.

Second, is footwear. It is very important that suitable footwear has been chosen. This may even require bringing several pairs. As we all know in the UK weather is unpredictable and harsh. So something that is durable and waterproof is essential. A classic festival choice is the welly, but walking boots and leather shoes can provide great protection when needed. If these are forgotten behind then simply covering your shoes or trainers with plastic bags can help create make shift waterproofing. But once mud is involved, as it often is at festivals, nothing can beat proper footwear.

Third, is wet wipes. These are an often overlooked necessity when going to festival and have an wide array of uses. Just don’t be caught out and forget to bring yours.

Fourth and final essential is a piece of clothing to help set you apart from the crowd. Obviously your favourite band t-shirt is a given, but what about sunglasses, baseball hat and other clothing accessories that will help not only help you stand out but help increase your chances of being identified by friends and family. Consider buying a hat shaped as an animal, or eccentric jewellery. Festival fashion has risen a lot within the past few years, so don't miss out on getting new and shiny festival clothing.

Being fully prepared can make all the difference. Especially regarding how much the tickets cost and the quality of the bands on display. Helping prevent any unforeseen event ruin the festival. It's also advisable to travel in groups to help be safe and have other keeping an eye out for one another.

Although staying in a tent is part of the festival experience, many do in fact choose to stay in a hotel throughout the festival. Many consider this the only way and many maybe right. But city hotel Leeds based, can be a simple alternative, considering the availability of hotels and B&B's located close to the festival location.

Harvey McEwan provides information and advice preparing for the next Leeds Festival, through providing essential items and even recommend city hotel Leeds based. View Harvey's other articles to find out more.

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