Moments of Deepness – Do Things Happen by Chance?


  • Author Ruti Yudovich
  • Published May 12, 2013
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"People do not meet by chance––they navigate their lives to meet certain people for a specific purpose."

Has it ever happened to you that you meet a total "stranger" but you felt you knew that person your whole life? Well… guess what? You most likely knew that person before. You were either soul-mates or you may have unfinished business from before that you now have to finish or you were just friends or… (Fill in the blank).

Sometimes we wonder about people we meet. There are times we’re very grateful for meeting them––there are times we curse the day we were in the same time and the same place with the person. Sometimes we sincerely regret ever meeting certain people.

Whether we want to accept it or not, we have something to do with it. It maybe hard to swallow that pill, and how can we possibly agree that we created the association with someone who was mean to us? You may ask: how is it possible that I have navigated my life to meet that person?

Well… let’s look at this. First, just by assuming the point of view that it is we: you and me, who have something to do with it, make us feel more in the driver’s seat than simply being a victim. Second, by adopting this point of view, we can look at the relationships we have or had and see how they benefited us. When we blame another, it is like seeing things through dirty glasses––not seeing the whole picture.

When we ask ourselves what the purpose was that made us navigate toward a certain person, we can find some lessons that will help us grow and eventually become happier and wiser beings… if we learn the lesson that is.

All you have to do is look at the people you meet or you knew and find at least one good purpose for meeting that person. You’ll be surprise at how long a list you will have. Every person we meet has something to teach us.

We are very fortunate to have the most valuable asset of all –– the power of choice. The beauty is that no matter who is in our lives, no matter the lesson we learn from the people we met––at the end, it is our choice whether we want to keep that person in our lives or not.

But the most important message I want to relay to you today is to keep around you those people that lift you up and ignore or cease to associate with those that continue to put you down and make you feel little and unimportant. Remember, the power of choice is your best asset. Use it!

Ruti Yudovich recently released her first novel I Hate to Say Goodbye, based on her early years in Israel. She is also the author of a two-part self-teaching educational book entitled "The Joy of Hebrew."

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