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  • Published May 22, 2013
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If you want to take one of the exciting Grand Canyon rafting tours over the upcoming holiday weekend, you better get your tickets in advance. The holiday is almost here, and these trips usually sell out fast.

These float trips stay away from whitewater so they are perfect for everyone, even kids as young as four. The rafts cover the portion of the river that has only smooth waters.

Grand Canyon raft tours are all day outdoor adventure experiences. You can take one of these scenic tours every day of the week, including the holiday weekend, from the months of March through November. They begin at about 6 a.m., departing from Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCA) at Tusayan, Arizona (just outside the main gates at the South Rim) and Las Vegas.

Tours Of The South Rim

At the South Rim, you'll have two tours from which to choose. The basic tour starts with a bus ride to Page, Arizona from GCA. Then you head to Glen Canyon Dam. There you will hop on board your raft and begin your float tour.

The deluxe option takes you from GCA to the Page Municipal Airport in a flight that lasts about 45 minutes. Then you will be treated to an exciting Jeep tour of the slot canyons at Antelope Canyon. After that, you go to Glen Canyon Dam where you get onboard a raft and start a scenic float along the river.

Both of these thrilling tours take you on a 15 mile scenic glide through spectacular canyon surroundings. You'll see some truly spectacular scenery, including Horseshoe Bend (picture red sandstone cliffs against beautiful turquoise water). The raft tours end at historic Lee's Ferry.

Rafting Tours From Las Vegas

These float tours are popular on the holiday weekend. The tour starts off by taking you from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West in a chopper. After the helicopter lands on the canyon bottom, the tour ends with a wonderful 11 mile float trip down the Colorado River. This trip takes about ten hours from start to finish.

Additional Details

Choppers are allowed to fly below the canyon rim in only one place, the West Rim. After your chopper lowers you 3500 feet to the bottom, you get out right next to the Colorado River.

You get on your raft at the foot of the massive Hoover Dam, which towers 700 feet above you. You ride in a 19 passenger rubberized raft and pass through the Black Canyon on your way to the end at Willow Beach, AZ.

Prepare For Your Adventure

You'll be outdoors all day, so come prepared. It gets pretty hot during the summer. I recommend bringing plenty of sunscreen and a waterproof bag with an extra set of clothes. Wear a long sleeved shirt, sunglasses and a hat.

Included in your raft tour of the Grand Canyon is the necessary equipment, fees, taxes, drinks, lunch, and an interesting and informative tour guide. I'd recommend taking one to any traveler. Lose yourself in the experience of a raft tour so you don't have to waste time worrying about finding things to do over the holiday.

In Conclusion

The holiday is on Monday, May 27 this year. A lot of families take a three day weekend and have a nice getaway. Everyone loves to go to the Grand Canyon, so you will have plenty of competition for available seats on the raft tours. I strongly recommend booking in advance. Be sure to buy your tickets on the Internet too because you will get a discount that way. Complete your transaction online and you qualify for the Internet discount offered by the tour operator.

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