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  • Published October 1, 2013
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A lot of folks tell me they've tried to book one of these motor coach tours, only to learn that it's already sold out. These motor coach trips sell out quickly for good reasons. Fortunately, all of them can be prevented by planning ahead.

As it turns out, timing is the main issue. If you wait until 48 hours from the time of the tour, it will probably be sold out already. The day before the tour it is nearly impossible to get seats. Getting seats on the same day as the tour is probably not going to happen.

What's the answer?

Follow the advice to book your seats at least one week in advance. You can sometimes sneak in if you book 72 hours ahead, but mostly this happens during the winter, off-peak season. I'd never wait that long for a summer tour. The peak tourist season at the Grand Canyon is during the summer months. Every year, 5 million people come to the National Park, and for most of them it's during the summer.

Some of the coach trips are more popular than others are too. The bus trip that goes from Vegas to the South Rim is one of the most sought after tours. It is an all-inclusive tour that comes with lunch, Park fees, taxes, a professional guide and free shuttle service to Strip hotels, so it is no wonder it is so popular.

The tour includes all the details so all you have to worry about is bringing personal items like sunscreen, water, sunglasses, a cool long sleeved shirt, and a hat with a brim for sun protection.

Be sure to dress for the season because the elevation at the South Rim is 7000 feet above sea level. Because of its altitude, South Rim winters are cold and snowy, while summers are temperate. In comparison, the climate at the West Rim is a lot like it is in Vegas with very hot summers with temperatures up to 100 degrees and chilly, windy winters.

The bus trips to the South Rim may be popular, but trips to the West Rim are exciting too. It seems to be easier to get seats on a West Rim bus, but maybe that's because there are more of these tours. Even so, don't delay too long when you're booking a West Rim trip, especially if you want the package that includes VIP access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

This engineering marvel has become a famous destination for travelers from around the globe. Each glass panel cost around $250,000 and the total cost of constructing this amazing bridge is 30 million dollars. You can walk out 70 feet to the farthest point and gaze down to the bottom of the canyon 4000 feet below you. The views from that vantage point are simply spectacular.

Don't waste time shopping around for your seats. Instead, buy direct, right on the tour company's website. They can offer you the lowest prices and the best choices too. You'll have a great time and save money by following this strategy.

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