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  • Author Andrew Smith
  • Published November 28, 2013
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How great its to celebrate thanksgiving, the families get together, cook the delicious roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes, vegetables, sweet corn, the gravy, stuffing and so much more delicious meals we all love about this day that make it one of the most expected day in the our culture to say thanks for the many things we have, the love ones around us and so many things that we are bless in this country.

But also, while the turkey its cooking, there is another tradition that comes with the day and we are talking about football games that cant miss on Turkey day, all the NFL action that comes with thanksgiving day including sports betting.

Thanksgiving its a day of joy, food and great sport betting action and today its not going to be any different from any other one, actually its going to be different, better and new from all the things you have to be thankful for in your life.

With so many action in the NFL to choose and sports betting its also a tradition to enjoy the 12 hours of amazing football action, everyone sitting down, enjoying there meals and thanking so much for all they got and for all they can enjoy with family and friends, your sports betting enthusiast friends, your college bodies to enjoy all the football games.

So all you need to to to enjoy this bless day its to sit down with your family, say grace for all you and your love ones have, then get the turkey and slice it into really nice peaces everyone will enjoy, get your mash potato, your gravy sauce, the veggies if you like them, get your beer and just sit down to enjoy the feast that comes with this amazing day, if you can have the TV on so you wont miss the games that are happening as I write this article and don't forget to get some of the sports betting action you like on your favorite for today and hope you get the best luck, many blessing for whats coming and that you can enjoy every moment with your love ones.

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