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There are a number of problems that people face with pawn brokers. However, there are two problems that people worry about the most when they deal with a pawn broker. These two problems are when you cannot pay them back and when you lose the pawn receipt that you have been given. It is important that you know what you can do if you are faced with these problems.

When You Can’t Pay the Pawn Broker Back

There are a lot of people who take loans with a pawn broker that they feel they will be able to pay back. However, there are times when you will not be able to pay back the amount that you need. The options that you have available to you will vary depending on the value of the loan and what you are comfortable with.

If you are comfortable with losing the item of value that you have put up a security of the loan then you do not have to do much. When you are unable to pay the broker back they will sell the item and this could cover the loan amount that you cannot repay. However, if the sale of the item does not cover the loan then you are still liable for repayment. If the sale of the item results in more money than you owe the pawn broker must give you the difference.

If you have a loan that is less than £75 the item you put up will belong to the broker and they can sell it. If the loan is more than £75 then the item will still belong to you, but the pawn broker is allowed to sell it. For loans that are over £100 the pawn broker will need to tell you before they sell the item which gives you time to get the money together for it.

When You Lose Your Receipt

There are a lot of people who worry about what could happen if they lose the receipt that they are given. The value of the loan you have taken will also affect what you can do if you lose the receipt. If the loan is less than £75 you can get a standard form from the pawn broker which you sign. This form states that you are the owner of the item. The problem with this is that the broker is not obligated to give this to you.

If the loan has a value of more than £75 then you will not be able to get a standard form. In this case you will need to legally swear that you own the item. To do this you have to go to a magistrate or a commissioner for oaths and swear before them.

The two most common problems that people face when using pawn brokers are not being able to pay back the loan and losing the receipt they get. It is important that you know what you can do in these cases before you actually use a pawn broker. When you know what could go wrong you can determine whether or not you should be using a pawn broker.

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