Try A 1-Day Grand Canyon Float Tour Before Season Finishes

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  • Published October 9, 2015
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If you're looking for a fun outdoor adventure to help you beat the heat, then a raft tour of the Grand Canyon could be the answer. The tours operate daily at the Grand Canyon National Park. These are some tours that you don't want to miss out on.

Tours Are Popular

Each tour only runs once daily, so that means seats are limited. When you book your rafting trip, you can make it even more exciting by adding some upgrades to your tour.

The basic tour takes you by bus to the Glen Canyon Dam, but if you want to add some fun, you can book a trip that comes with a Jeep tour and airplane transportation to the Dam. This tour takes you through stunning landmarks like the Horseshoe Bend. There are so many interesting things to see, you'll want to take lots of photos.

Touring By Raft

The rafting tour covers 15 miles of the Colorado River as it winds through the Grand Canyon. It goes through Horseshoe Bend and some other beautiful landing nooks along the way. There is lunch included with the package, and on one of the stops you can even enter the secret canyon at Petroglyph Beach. Here you can connect with the energy of the ancient settlers, before you get back to the excitement of Grand Canyon rafting.

The rafts can hold up to 19 passengers, and they're built for adventure. This tour stays on the smooth water section of the Colorado River, so there are no dangerous rapids or currents to navigate. Since the waters are smooth, the tours are kid-friendly and kids have a blast on these trips. Since the raft carries so many people, it's a perfect outing for an extended family trip or a company adventure. Just be sure you book your tour early so you can get as many seats as you need.

Don't forget to bring everything you need for a full day outdoors. Bring a waterproof bag where you can keep a change of clothes, and any snacks and accessories. Bottled water comes in handy too. Don't forget to apply sunscreen at appropriate times throughout the day, and try to wear lightweight clothing that covers up as much as possible, and bring a wide brimmed hat. It gets very hot in the canyon from the intense rays of the sun, so you definitely want to be prepared for it.

Wrapping Up

As an added bonus, you'll have an expert guide on your river tour that will bring the area to life. The tour guide makes sure you don't miss seeing important landmarks and other areas of interest.

So don't forget to book your tour early, and do it online. If you're looking for the budget tour, book the one that transports you to the Dam by bus. If you can afford to spend more, opt for the upgrade that comes with a plane ride and Jeep tour, because it's a lot of fun.

The Grand Canyon is a popular tourist destination for a reason, it's one of the most unique places in America. Supercharge your summer with a trip to the Canyon and a day out on a Colorado River float tour.

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