The History of RC Monster Trucks

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  • Published November 11, 2017
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Radio controlled cars, more commonly referred to as RC cars have been around longer than you might think. One may assume that RC cars are a newer invention maybe dating back to the 80's, but these cool remote control cars have been around for over half of a century. That's right! Who would have thought RC cars dated back to the late 1960's? Manufacturing began and RC cars were sold to the public in the early 1970's. These nitro and gas powered RC cars became widely popular. Kids of all ages enjoyed these new toys! Adults even made a hobby out of them by racing and customizing their RC cars.

Over the last fifty years RC cars have evolved into what we see in stores today. There are a wide variety of remote control cars on the market now and no two are the same. By the late 1970's newer radio controlled toys were manufactured. These newer ones were more of off road vehicles. This meant that you didn't have to have a flat surface to race. These RC cars could go anywhere. This feature made RC cars even more popular. During the early 1980's the RC monster trucks, RC rock crawlers, and RC ATVs caused an economic boom and they were flying off shelves like never before. They set the high standard for the RC industry. Through time even more radio controlled toys came out; like planes, boats, helicopters and even drones!

Gas and nitro powered RC monster trucks can reach speeds over 100 miles per hour and can take on jumps over 200 feet! There are so many RC monster trucks to choose from in a variety of price ranges; there is something for everyone! So, whether you're looking for the fastest or the biggest RC monster truck, you're bound to find it! Let's take a look at some of the most popular brands available today:


Dubbed the fastest, since they came into existence in 1986. Traxxas has set the standard for all RC companies. This innovative company took it up a notch with their new pitch on the classic RC building kits. Traxxas provided a fresh new approach that came ready to run(RTR) straight out of the box. This was great for starting out on the hobby and even for the seasoned RC hobbyist! They still have removable parts so customizing your RC monster truck is endless. Traxxas is the number one name known today for all your RTR RC needs! They truly have it all!

Redcat Racing

Ever since 2005, the owners of Redcat Racing, have provided some of the most durable RC machines on the market! Scale any terrain with their highly durable off-road vehicles! Redcat Racing offers a wide variety of both parts and accessories. Their RC vehicles come in a huge range of sizes ranging from 1/24 scale to 1/5 scale. Every Redcat Racing vehicle comes put together and is ready for use right out of the box. Other brands such as Team Redcat, Danshee and Hexfly are also owned by Redcat Racing; each providing the same durable, high-quality products!


If you're just starting out on the RC hobby bandwagon, and don't want to invest too much money, Microgear is right for you. They offer a large selection of on and off road RC vehicles and also carry a variety of planes, helicopters, drones and even UFOs! Their prices are reasonable and won't drain your wallet. All that's needed for most Microgear RC vehicles are batteries for the transmitter. All Microgear vehicles and flyers come fully assembled. Just pop the batteries in and charge your RC vehicle and you'll be rolling in no time!

Dean James Has always been interested in the RC world, and has been especially interested in the RC Monster Trucks since they started showing up on the shelves in the early 1980's, and currently helps run and manage a website []( Visit the website today and check out the selection of RC Monster Trucks.

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