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  • Published December 2, 2017
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Perhaps, the creative block is one of the most common problems in the world of content marketing. But this is not so scary if you have enough time to overcome it, and you can afford to relax and wait for inspiration. And if not? What if the deadlines are tightened and the idea is needed "already yesterday," and there is the same blank white sheet in front of you? In this case, you definitely need help. Where to look for it? What to do? Let's find out.

Do not start with a blank sheet

Suppose you have experience, and it does not matter if it's calculated over the years or weeks, and the browser's bookmarks have accumulated a lot of references to the articles you liked or the materials you were about to read later, but never did. Let these materials become your base. Try to create a document from them, which in time will be replenished with new ideas. And try to transfer your thoughts into it, written on scraps of paper in a hurry - believe me, the creative disorder is not always useful.

Follow trends

Nowadays there is another difficult problem - to miss some hot trend. All large and not news portals constantly inform us about high-profile events of recent days, and if you subscribe to notifications and newsletters, it's unlikely that you will miss anything.

However, popular topics can be monitored independently using, for example, Google Trends. For those who do not have this tool, we offer several more options:

  • Pinterest (section "Popular")

  • Reddit

  • Recent topics on Twitter

  • Imgur

Know what people are interested in.

To know this, it is enough to go, for example, to Quora, The Question or any similar service. Believe me, the truth lies among the many strange, discouraging and simply stupid questions.

Read more

Really. Remember how many books from the collections that you keep on your wall and in the bookmarks of the browser you read? No, you do not need to take them all at once, but there's a couple of recently published bestsellers worth a look.

Analyze search queries

Here Google Keyword Planner goes in handy. It's simple - keep track of the most popular queries and create.

Attend conferences

Go to meetings, seminars. If you are not a big fan of such events, see webinars. Listen to podcasts. In the end, turn on the radio. Sometimes even a random phrase, spoken by someone, can be fateful.

Exit the room

Inspiration is known to be a very unpredictable thing, but even in its behavior, there are some patterns. The probability of catching this beast is much higher when changing the situation. And no, we do not advise you leaving everything and going to Thailand or India. For starters, the park is close by.

Create a diary

Yes, yes, not a blog. It can be a regular notebook or a Word file, which you will fill out daily. Write everything that comes to mind. Your task is to do this regularly. A very short time will pass, and you will not even have time to be surprised at how easily you manage to "generate something in a fast way."

Eric Newton is a content writer at the SpeedyPaper essay help website.

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