Selecting A Canopy? the wise choice.

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  • Published December 13, 2017
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A canopy can add a touch of sophistication as well as provide shelter from the elements. A canopy should provide optimum shade and also be a stylish extension your living space. A canopy can help you create your very own outdoor room. There is a wide choice of colours, styles and models to choose from so that your canopy will be a perfect feature for your garden. Whether you want it to be an eye-catching feature or to blend in with the rest of your house and garden there is bound to be one that suits your tastes.

A canopy has to be designed and built to cope with the demands of life outdoors. It needs to be tough and stable to ensure that it will look great for years to come – no matter what the weather. A canopy needs to have strong frames and should have casings manufactured from heavy-duty aluminium that will not bend, twist or buckle during operation. The finish should be highly resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling. Experienced canopy makers have used extensive research to develop superior fabrics that resist fading and temperature extremes. A canopy should be coated with Teflon to make them stain resistant and have a regular anti-mildew treatment to reduce unsightly spots and markings. There are special water-resistant coatings available so your canopy can be used in wet weather too.

Gardens come in many shapes, styles and sizes and that’s why a canopy should be made to measure so that it is as individual as your garden. The most expensive types of canopy are handcrafted so that it can be tailored perfectly to meet your needs. Special brackets and fixings can be used to cater for any special requirements and a top of the range canopy will even include a remote control unit so you can adjust your canopy without having to get up, giving you extra shading, privacy or cover in seconds. There are even some canopy manufacturers that incorporate light and wind sensors into their canopy designs meaning that it automatically adjust in line with the weather. This is especially useful if you are in an area that is prone to heavy winds. If the canopy is open and the wind speed detected exceeds the safety limit then the canopy will be automatically retracted to prevent it from damaging your property.

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