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  • Published December 20, 2017
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Be it one of those economical sailboats or luxury yachts that you own, the number one thing that you should learn as a sailor is how to save on fuel. Boat maintenance by itself may already be too much of an expense, so you don’t want to spend any more than is necessary on fuelling one of your many sea outings. So how exactly can this be done? Check out this list of some helpful fuel saving tips that you can use:

• Get rid of all the extras weighing down your boat.

Similar to cars, an extra-heavy boat will require more fuel to run. Although it pays to be prepared in case of emergencies or extended cruises, there’s also such a thing as carrying too much unwanted items on board. Inspect all the storage spaces on your boat. Get rid of those heavy books about cruising, keep your stock canned goods to a minimum, and make sure that you only have the recommended one tackle box, spare parts, ropes, and tools. Don’t weigh the boat down with sports equipment, cookware, fancy deck chairs or heavy fishing gear if you know that you won’t need them.

• Check your boat’s bottom!

Newbie owners of luxury motor yachts may not be aware that even just one short sea outing may cause an accumulation of marine gunk at the bottom of the boat. Weeds, barnacles, scum, and similar elements from the ocean add weight and affects fuel efficiency. After cleaning the bottom of the boat, you may want to apply a layer of anti-fouling paint on the hull to prevent plant growth.

• Be aware of the amount of fuel your boat is burning.

Calculating the fuel consumption for cars is pretty straightforward. But when it comes to boats, there are a few more elements factored in, including the more unpredictable sea conditions. Fuel consumption in boats is usually measured in gallons per hour – while taking in other factors like drag, wide-open throttle, and cruising speed. When you’re aware of the factors affecting the fuel consumption of your boat, you will better learn how to save up on gas.

• Fuel up early in the day.

Fill up the tank early in the day when the ground is still cold, and fuel is denser, so that you can get the best value for your money.

Lastly, regular engine tune-ups, cruising at a leisurely speed, travelling to closer destinations, running with the wind, and avoiding high-rolling seas are the other ways for you to save on boat fuel.

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