Tips for Photographing With Your Phone

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  • Author Ralph Smith
  • Published January 16, 2018
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People want a camera that can take good pictures and can be carried all times. And most people don’t even realize that their smartphone can be turned into a fairly decent camera that fits in their pocket. A few years ago, camera phones took bad-looking photos and they weren’t easy to use. Their performance was not great, and no one was going to take a photo with their phones that could be used as a cover in food photography. But that’s not the case today. With phone cameras having 8 megapixel or higher, your photo can be used as a cover for commercial photography. Here are some tips from Ralph Smith Studios on how to maximize the use of your camera phone.

The first thing you need to know is how your phone camera works, how the brightness, contrast, exposure and focus works. Also, you need to know how to hold and figure out its angle on different lighting conditions. It means you need to make some research about photography and photographers like Ralph Smith. Of course, with a good light exposure, you can produce a sharp image. Most camera phones experience shutter delay which is the time between when you press the shutter to the capture of the image. The faster the shutter speed, the lesser the motion blur it would produce.

Most camera phones have an auto mode which is not good because the phone will choose the settings by itself. If your phone doesn’t have manual settings, you can download a camera app so you can adjust it manually.

It’s not good to zoom the image, rather, it’s better to crop or just move closer to it because if you zoom the image, the shutter lag will increase, making your image blurred. However, if you crop it, there would still be plenty of resolution left to display. Don’t use the front camera. Front cameras are good for selfies or groupies but most of the camera phones have a lower megapixel on the front camera than the camera at the back. Also, don’t use filters. Filters are good, however, editing your photo is better. Filters reduce the quality, sharpness, and texture of your image.

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