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  • Published April 17, 2018
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South Dakota has over 5 million acres of hunting opportunities on public land, private land leases for public hunting, and fishing for every level of fisherman. Basically, South Dakoda is an outdoors men paradise with fishing and hunting opportunities that spread across the state. What if you have a family that has both hunters and non-hunters? Than you need to think about taking a trip to Rapid City, South Dakoda!

There are many non-hunter things to do and see while your advice hunter is out doing what they love. Storybook Island is a must visit for children big and small. On 8.5 archers this park celebrates classic nursey rhymes charterers and features hundreds of great photo opportunities. Not only does this park have a train ride, carousal, and concessions but the admission is free. If some of your kids like to hunt but some really couldn’t care less than you need to check out this water resort. WaTiki Indoor Water Resort would be a great place to stay to accommodate the all members of the family. This resort offers swimming year-round, arcades, and places to eat with out leaving the resort. Who know the advice hunter may schedule a day to just sit by the indoor pool with a beer and relax.

Rapid City South Dakoda is known for its MUST see national parks with historical landmarks like Mt. Rushmore. This town also has must visit wild life and nature parks that are sure to grab the attentions of the avid hunter. Snakes, giant turtles, bids, and alligators make the Reptile Garden a MUST for children of all ages. This next must visit attraction is the Cleghorn Springs Hatchery which is sure to excite and educate all members of the family even the non-enthusiastic outdoorsmen. The hatchery grows fish to supply rivers with fish. With places to feed the smaller fish and other spots to view the bigger fish one hopes to catch this makes a great place to stop for a couple of hours on your trip.

If you are more in to food than hunting than Rapid City is a place to eat as well. Tally’s Silver Spoon is a place that combines great upscale American eats and live local music. It is a great spot to hit up after a long day of hunting or a long day of play. If a great breakfast or a great night cap is more your style, than you need to stop by the Colonial House. This local hotspot offers a verity of hardy American eats and local charm that one can only find in Rapid City. If I had to choose one restaurant that everyone simply must try it would be the Kol restaurant in the downtown area. This local hotspot is equipped with a massive coal-fired oven that serves a one of a kind dinning experience. The oven is not only a means to cook food it provides a backdrop for our exhibition-style kitchen, which will provide dinner and fantastic show.

If shopping ranks higher for you on the to-do list than hunting than downtown Rapid City will fill your day. The downtown area features shops for antiques, jewelry, and unique finds that can only be found in Rapid City. Don’t worry about cutting your shopping trip short because this area offers everything from coffee to get your day started to great local restaurants for lunch and unique bars to cap off your night. This is also where you will find the Firehouse Brewing Company. The Firehouse offers live music, theater performances, great eats, shopping and of course a great place to grab a beer. To put it simply Rapid City, South Dakoda is a great vacation spot for families with outdoorsmen and the non-outdoorsmen types. Everyone will find something awesome in Rapid City!

Hi, I am Holly Brice with huntingscopespro.com. Recently, I have been hearing several complaints from the non-hunter and non-outdoorsmen about how they are board on hunting/fishing trips. So, I thought I would take some time to see if I could find places that would accommodate both the outdoorsmen and the non-hunter. I found so many great spots around the United States and I want to write about each one, so I can share these what I have found. I hope you enjoy my series of great American places for hunters and non-hunters.

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