Neve Campbell's personality, and if it should be used by long black hair to unite reality

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  • Author Thomas H Cullen
  • Published May 1, 2018
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For me, long black hair is the crown jewel of reality – both for men and for women. Nothing beats long black hair (not even Jack Mason). Of course, this isn’t meant to imply that having long black hair exempts one from immorality (although one is free to make that argument), however, it’s as if long black hair is the constant against the history of the universe.

The history of the Roman Empire. The history of the United States military. The history of the NFL. The history of architecture, going from the Renaissance to Italian Rationalism. The history of cinema. The history of schooling, and the history of British culture etc – none of it can hold a candle to the sheer basic fact of long black hair.

Which is why I find it an interesting topic: assuming that it would honour the personality, of Neve Campbell, to be used by long black hair to unify the universe, would it also honour long black hair to be the user of Neve Campbell’s personality?

Does Neve Campbell have the right to have her personality used by long black hair to improve the universe?

Long black hair goes with Neve Campbell. Historically, Campbell has had long black hair (Scream 3, Closing the Ring, Scream 4, The Company etc). However, what’s striking – or perhaps striking – is that when the idea of long black hair using Neve Campbell’s personality is developed, the effect isn’t exactly inspiring.

Conversely, the effect of the idea is negative – specifically leaning away from neutral. After seeing interviews of Campbell, over the years, she seems like a very normal individual (which of course then begs the question as to why it’s Campbell and not somebody else who’s the topic of discussion).

Neve Campbell is connected to black, because of the Scream franchise, and the Scream franchise is about the ability to survive being connected to visual appearance – the constant value of a visual. That explains the connection between Campbell and long black hair unifying the universe, but that still leaves the matter as to whether or not the connection between Campbell and the universe is intrinsic to the connection between long black hair and the universe.

Long black hair can be claimed to be a constant value, but it can’t be proved to be a constant value – the only factor that can be illustrated is the logic of the connection between Campbell and the connection between long black hair and the universe.

Even if the connection between long black hair and the universe isn’t dependent on Neve Campbell, it’s fair to say that Campbell’s personality has the right to be used by long black hair due to the sheer fact of the connection that’s now been made.

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