Do the atoms of US presidents want extra-terrestrials to play with themselves?

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  • Author Thomas H Cullen
  • Published May 12, 2018
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An extra-terrestrial is a power that belongs to humanity. Extra-terrestrials are a way in which people motivate themselves, and a way in which people find excuses to continue their lives and to continue their functions.

In particular, extra-terrestrials can give sanity to the office of the United States presidency. In objective terms, no presidency is necessary, and neither is any congress, or any senate or parliament – but such things can be concocted into being functional because of the sense that reality outside of Earth is important. Give value to elsewhere, and the natural effect is that the internal has the right to become a structure.

By giving value to extra-terrestrials, people earn the right to value the US presidency. However, a very curious idea, and a very curious concern is when the atoms of a United States president can want extra-terrestrials to play with themselves.

To get straight to the point: if the atoms of a US president want extra-terrestrials to play with themselves, my personal perception of the issue is that the atoms have actually become the antagonist of reality (which is quite ironic, given the past issue to do with Gene Hackman protecting atoms from metaphors).

Moreover, if extra-terrestrials can be subject to this abuse, is it pointless and futile to offer extra-terrestrials psychiatric help? The reason I ask, is because I have the perception that a human who offers psychiatric help to an extra-terrestrial because of such behaviour from atoms is the balance to the tyranny of the nuance and depravity of such behaviour.

The idea of psychiatric help is supposed to be an infinite source of calm, and a true source of relief: if anything, the value of atoms – from a United States president – wanting extra-terrestrials to play with themselves is that it’s the ability to test the long-term value of psychiatric help.

The extra-terrestrial creates the presidency, which makes the presidency a reaction. The presidency creates psychiatry, which makes psychiatry a reaction. The atoms create the abuse, which makes the abuse a reaction – the original creator is the end creator.

In some sense, atoms being the creator that bookends the entire situation would seem to suggest that the entire situation is insurmountable. Of course though, the infinity of reality demands that humanity finds a way to overcome this.

Would like to become the future leader of the human race, so that I can let Americanism talk to the universe

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