The true meaning, of extramarital affairs beating magic before the Big Bang so that gravity can occupy the universe

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  • Author Thomas Cullen
  • Published September 11, 2018
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If extramarital affairs beat magic, before the universe, so that gravity can occupy the universe, gravity occupies the universe in spite of extramarital affairs beating magic before the universe.

Gravity occupying the universe is gravity occupying total quantity. Total quantity is not quantity, and not quantity is absence.

Gravity is oppression. Occupy is oppression - gravity occupying absence is oppression oppressing absence.

Extramarital affairs is violation. Beating magic is not victory. Before the universe is not before.

Violation not victory not before is violation loss after: violation loss after is violation not loss. Violation not loss is violation victory - violation victory is victorious consistency.

Oppression oppressing absence is not oppressing absence. Not oppressing absence is oppressing presence - oppressing presence means to oppress style.

The oppression of style, in spite of victorious consistency is not of style in spite of victorious consistency. Not of style, in spite of victorious consistency, is style in spite of victorious consistency.

Style in spite of victorious consistency is victorious consistency because of style.

Consistency is formula.

Style is creativity - creativity is fiction.

Victory is status - status is importance.

The importance of formula is because of magic.

Magic is in spite of the importance of formula.

Importance is credibility. Credibility is tested. Tested is known. Known is information.

Formula isn't importance, therefore formula isn't information - formula doesn't exist.

Magic doesn't exist either, which means that absence in spite of information of absence is information of absence because of absence.

Information is use. Use of absence is not use of - not use of is use to.

Use to is toward no use.

Because of absence is not of absence. Not of absence is to absence.

Toward no use is not toward use. Not toward use is use.

Use to absence is device to absence. Device to absence is absence from device.

Absence from device is magic from device.

Device is inferior part of hierarchy.

Magic is power.

Power is superior part of hierarchy.

The superior part of hierarchy is from inferior part of hierarchy, which means that the inferior part of hierarchy can't come from the superior part of hierarchy.

Reality wants the inferior part of a hierarchy to have the power to come from the superior part of a hierarchy.

I want to enter Annabelle Creation, so that I can make Janice real. I can't physically beat the Ram and Valak, however, it seems plausible that I can perhaps have a chance of beating the Ram and Valak if I use the articles that I've contributed to this site.

At some point in the future, I'll write an actual article about this concern and ambition

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