When the Titanic sank, in 1912, it was so that the laws of physics could tell the rest of the universe to annihilate capitalism

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  • Author Thomas Cullen
  • Published September 17, 2018
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If physics orchestrated the sinking of the Titanic, so that physics could review its own history, physics reviews its history in spite of physics causing the sinking of the Titanic.

The sinking, of the Titanic, is the sinking of an object. The sinking of an object is the annihilation of an object - the annihilation of an object is the object of no annihilation.

Object is non-living. Non-living of no annihilation is non-living of life; non-living of life is non-living to non-living, and non-living to non-living is from non-living.

Physics causing is not causing. Not causing is afterward.

Physics reviews its history in spite of after from non-living is physics reviewing its history opposing after from non-living. After from non-living is before non-living - before non-living is living.

Physics reviews its history is not physics reviewing history. Not physics reviewing history is physics reviewing.

Physics reviewing is reviewing not physics. Reviewing not physics is reviewing not science. Reviewing not science is reviewing not proof. Reviewing not proof is reviewing mystery.

Reviewing mystery opposing living is living supporting reviewing mystery. Review is question - life supports question mystery.

Life is evolution.

Support is hierarchy.

Question is oppose.

Evolution hierarchy oppose mystery.

Evolution hierarchy is hierarchy evolution; hierarchy is service, and thus, service evolution opposing mystery is help evolution oppose mystery.

Opposing mystery is mystify balance.

Mystification means to make into the supernatural.

Help evolution mystify balance is help evolution turn into the supernatural balance; help evolution turn into the supernatural balance is not evolution turning into the supernatural balance - not evolution turning into the supernatural balance is inferiority turning into the supernatural balance.

Supernatural balance is supernatural stability. Supernatural stability is stable reality. Stable reality is safe reality.

Inferiority turning into the safe reality is the safe reality avoiding inferiority.

A safe reality is a safe location.

Avoiding inferiority is inferior interaction. Inferior interaction is not interaction.

A safe location not interacting is an unsafe location interacting. An unsafe location is a safe non-location - a safe non-location is a repetitive non-location.

Non-location is non-physical. Non-physical is imaginative.

A repetitive imagination interacting is an imagination not interacting.

An imagination not interacting is the imagination interacting: the imagination interacting is interacting not the imagination.

Not the imagination is the physical.

Interacting is reacting - reacting is receiving.

Receiving the physical is physical not the receiving. Physical not the receiving is physical the giving.

Physical is structure.

The giving is the teaching.

Structure the teaching is alienate the teaching - alienate the teaching is end the teaching.

When the Titanic sank, in 1912, it was an event orchestrated by the laws of physics in order to tell the rest of the universe to go to war with culture.

I find it interesting to wonder: when the Titanic was sinking, were its passengers wondering whether the Watergate scandal could become a homosexual?

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