Cheap Holidays in Egypt - Archaeological Wonders to Explore during your Vacation

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  • Published September 17, 2018
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Your cheap holidays in Egypt will be memorable and adventurous because this transcontinental country has numerous tourist attractions that you can explore. Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world which makes it the perfect place for people who are interested in history, architecture, culture and the ancient civilizations. Egypt is also one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations with almost 8 million tourists who visited the country in the year 2017.

Therefore, if you are planning a cheap travel to Egypt it is guaranteed to be an adventure of a lifetime, especially if you visit the archaeological wonders mentioned below.

Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza during your Cheap Holidays in Egypt

The most famous landmark of Egypt is the Great Pyramid located in Giza which was constructed as a tomb for the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. This pyramid was the main complex that included 2 tombs built for the Pharaoh Khufu and 3 smaller pyramids for this wives over a time period of 20 years. You will be amazed to see the condition of this incredible historical wonder which is quite undamaged even after all these years. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most important monuments in the country and reflects the history and the ancient civilization of Egypt.

Visit the Great Sphinx

Another remarkable wonder that you must visit during your cheaper Egypt holidays is the statue of the Great Sphinx. A Sphinx is a Greek mythological creature that was half-human and half-beast and usually characterized as the protector of something valuable. The Great Sphinx is one of the largest single-stone statues on Earth which was believed to be built by the ancient Egyptians in the third millennium B.C. If you visit this landmark during your cheap holidays in Egypt you will be amazed to see that it has remarkably survived through all these centuries as it still stands in the city of Giza.

Visit the Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara

This is an ancient burial site that was built for Pharaoh Djoser by his chief minister Imhotep. It is located south of Cairo and it is one of the world’s largest standing stepped pyramid. Saqqara was the cemetery of Egypt with the first royal to be buried at the site during the Second Dynasty. It is one of the most important historical sites to visit during your cheaper travel to Egypt because it was the main site for burial and cult ceremonies for over 3000 years.

Visit Abu Simbel

It is located southwest of the city Aswan with an incredible history and astonishing architecture. Abu Simbel was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Rameses II in the 13th century to commemorate him and his wife Queen Nefertari. It was built in 20 years and comprises of two massive rock temples that were carved and cut into the side of a mountain. Your cheap holidays in Egypt will be incomplete unless you visit this impressive monument, known to be moved from its original site in 1964 to make way for the waters of Aswan Dam.

Visit the Temple of Luxor

Visit this astonishing temple during your cheaper holidays Egypt, located in the city of Luxor for an incredible experience. The city of Luxor was once called Thebes and this temple was built for the Thebes triad i.e. the three most popular gods in Egypt. In the ancient times, most of the events were held in this temple, especially the festival of Opet. When you visit this site during your cheap holidays in Egypt you will witness the carvings that display the images of the royal family, massive statues, granite monuments and much more that have stood still even after all this time.

Visit the Temple of Karnak

This temple is connected to the Temple of Luxor through a pathway lined with statues of the ram-headed sphinxes. The Temple of Karnak is significantly known for the extensive time period in which it was constructed. It is one of the largest ancient religious sites that you will witness during your cheap travel to Egypt which was constructed under the supervision of 30 pharaohs. It is an open-air museum with numerous tourists who visit it every year, making it one of the most visited historical monuments in the country.

Visit St. Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery is located in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula and it is one of the most important and interesting sites to visit during your cheap holidays in Egypt. St. Catherine is the oldest monastery in the world that contains unique books and almost 120 Eastern Orthodox items that are found nowhere else on the planet. It is still run by the Greek Orthodox Church and apart from being a famous tourist attraction, it is also a very sacred place for numerous people.

Egypt is globally famous for its historical background and the numerous landmarks that have a remarkable architecture. If you thoroughly enjoy visiting historical landmarks and exploring the culture then you are guaranteed to have a perfect time at this fascinating holiday destination. Therefore, visit the archaeological wonders mentioned above for an unforgettable and amazing experience during your cheap holidays in Egypt.

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