The contrast between American and British culture is future extraterrestrials becoming the origin of reality by seeing culture

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  • Author Thomas Cullen
  • Published October 18, 2018
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American culture not being British culture, is not culture not being British culture. Not culture not being British culture is culture being British culture.

Culture being British culture is not being British culture. Not being British culture is British culture - British culture is culture non-British.

Non-British is non-style. Non-style is universal.

Culture universal is universal non-culture. Universal non-culture is universal universal. Universal universal is symmetry of universal.

Universal is constant. Constant is symmetry. Symmetry of symmetry is symmetry from symmetry.

Symmetry is double. Double from double is once to once - once to once is not to once, and not to once is from once.

From is previous location.

Previous location once is double previous location. Double previous location is location present double. Location present double is not location present. Not location present is present non-location.

Non-location is non-elsewhere. Non-elsewhere is non-contrast. Non-contrast is symmetry.

Present symmetry is symmetry previous.

Symmetry previous is copy previous.

Previous is source of inspiration. Source of inspiration is inspiration to source. Inspiration to source is not to source - not to source is source.

Copy source is change post-source. Change post-source is change change. Change change is change symmetry.

Change symmetry is stop symmetry. Stop symmetry is hostility outside symmetry. Hostility outside symmetry is hostility that copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry.

Hostility that copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry is not that copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry. Not that copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry is copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry.

Copies symmetry because it is outside symmetry is not symmetry because it is outside symmetry - not symmetry because it is outside symmetry is contrast because it is outside symmetry.

Contrast is hostility.

Hostility because it is outside symmetry is outside symmetry because it is stability.

Outside symmetry is rejection of symmetry. Rejection of symmetry is symmetry to rejection. Symmetry to rejection is from rejection.

Because it is is not because it. Not because it is it.

From rejection it stability.

It stability is rejection.

From rejection rejection is stability rejection.

Stability rejection is stability and chaos existing alongside each other.

Stability and chaos is support and no support. Support and no support is bias and balance.

Bias is attention. Attention is observer.

Observer is audience.

Audience and spectacle is not and spectacle.

Not and is no inclusion.

No inclusion spectacle is spectacle inclusion.

Spectacle inclusion is inclusion non-spectacle.

Inclusion non-spectacle is not include non-spectacle. Not include non-spectacle is exclude audience.

Oppose audience is oppose observer. Oppose observer is accept observed. Accept observed is accept image. Accept image is image reject.

Image reject is reject non-image. Reject non-image is reject non-structure. Reject non-structure is non-structure positive behaviour.

Non-structure is one.

One positive behaviour is behaviour negative one.

Behaviour is mode of living. Mode of living is style of living. Style of living is style from living.

Negative one is negative source.

Style from living is style from universal. Style from universal is style from source.

Style from source is style to.

Negative source is distinction between negative and source. Distinction between negative and source is not between negative and source - not between negative and source is negative and source.

Negative and source is source negative.

Source negative is source corruption.

Source corruption is begin corruption.

Style to begin corruption is universal to copy corruption.

Universal to copy corruption is copy to universal universal.

Copy is support.

Support to universal universal is universal to oppose universal.

Universal to oppose universal is oppose universal from universal.

From universal is different from. Different from is hostility to journey.

Oppose universal is universal support.

Universal support hostility to journey is universal support from journey.

From journey is from movement.

From movement is non-movement.

Universal support inertness is inertness opposing universal.

Inertness opposing universal is universal supporting inertness - universal supporting inertness is universal not seeing style.

Not seeing style is limiting sight.

Universal limiting sight is sight accepting universal.

The contrast between American culture and British culture is extraterrestrials in the future connecting themselves to the origin of the universe by seeing culture.

I enjoy anti-deduction. It is a simple yet effective way of analysing reality

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