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  • Published May 24, 2019
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It’s no secret that we live in a country where crime is rife but also where our climate is becoming harsher, and unrelenting at times which often affects areas along our coasts, rivers and seas.

Camping along our route at the Tugela Mouth is a glorious and amazing experience but it is worth noting some precautions ahead of time in the event of being caught in severe weather storms, malicious theft or even fire.

We have put together some handy tips to stay cautious and help you stay safe in the event of the following happening whilst staying at our camping site.

Targeted Criminal Activity

We cannot predict or pre-empt if theft or robbery will happen in remote or camping areas but we take safety seriously, but it is something we all have to be mindful off. Restricting the amount of cash, fancy gadgets or valuables you carry is best for starters, so as to reduce the worry that theft could bring or entice temptation for robbers to strike your tent or caravan.


Outdoor fires at campsites are synonymous with this lifestyle activity, however things can go wrong very quickly if weather becomes too strong or windy, or if items that are flammable accidentally catch fire.

Be extremely care with campfires, gas stoves or braai stands or even technology with batteries in them. We just never know what can occur in the blink of an eye, so it is best to err on the side of caution especially when exposed to the elements for when you do not have fire blankets or extinguishers to put out fires fast.


If you are venturing to our campsite, please ensure that you have safe and weatherproof tents or caravans when camping out. It is advised that you have a tent that is pitched securely, can zip up safely and can protect you from the wet or windy weather too.

Caravans should be well secured, braked properly to avoid rolling or movement. If you are operating stoves or other appliances be certain that is safely secured and meets the regulatory standards to avoid any disasters. Appliances should also be switched off when not in use.


Whilst outdoors sometimes nature calls and we go back to basics but hygiene and safe sanitation is just as imperative as having access to communications whilst away from main land. We have the right facilities to ensure hygiene is of paramount importance for life’s necessary habits like showering or using the loo.

Drinking Water

Do ensure that you carry your own water for your hikes, washing and drinking. Whilst water quality may differ in parts of the region - we advise that you take precaution in carrying your own water in case of emergencies, and for late at night where you may not want to leave your tent.


South Africa’s weather can be unforgiving sometimes and when exposed to the elements under the wide open sky it can certainly cause some chaos, if not as well equipped and prepared. Do ensure that you carry a strong tent and have the right clothing that is weatherproof and durable to handle our climate.

Emily Du Toit is a former kid’s counsellor who worked at a summer camp in California back in 2005. She is now a freelance travel blogger and copywriter. For suppliers of high-quality canvas and tents in and around KZN - we recommend Express Tents Supplier. They are equipped to handle all weather conditions and requirements.

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