Why People Prefer Coach Travel?

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  • Author Jacinta Casey
  • Published June 7, 2019
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You know how travel has changed in the past decade? Accommodation providers, hotels and cruise ships have really increased their level of service and comfort. Coach Touring has also transformed, becoming inclusive, well-appointed and attracting a wider range of individuals. Coach tours can take you to destinations tailored to regions that are inaccessible by plane or train.

We all know what stress comes along with driving yourself through areas that you are not familiar with, especially in remote areas of Australia with road rules, signs that are indistinguishable and track surfaces that can be dangerous if you are not a seasoned driver especially in the outback. What we were never told is that driving annihilates your energy, or nerve racking especially navigating our long stretches of highways and nobody needs this on what is supposed to be a vacation!

Spending all this time behind the wheel, do you really get to enjoy that amazing view behind the back of a long-haul truck? Though with touring in a coach you get to enjoy the scenery behind the large windows with air conditioning that are lightly tinted so you can enjoy each passing moment and the seating is elevated enough to see past ongoing cars and vegetation.

You will not have to navigate, you do not need to study where to park or if there are fees or finding the best places to eat, drink or stay? On Casey Australia Tours we have planned it all out for you and with your free time, we can recommend the best places to experience. Our itineraries are developed from years of knowledge and the team will provide the best in destination travel.

Our expeditions are not just about sitting and staring out the window or ticking the must-see boxes of an area, we deliver the prospect of meeting locals, swimming in spectacular gorges and sitting around a camp fire under a blanket sky full of stars.

The value of a tour is mapped out for most provisions, we have accommodation ranging from camping, motels, cabins and hotels and certain meals are also included in these departures. The upfront price of a tour allows you budget and duck common holiday expenses such as fluctuating fuel costs, park entries and vehicle issues that you may not have considered before travelling into outback areas.

Once upon a time, coach travel was for partying backpackers or unimaginative folk hobbling around, these days our passengers are a wide-ranging gang. Casey Australia Tours offers multiple active options and the occasional free evenings to explore on your own. Whilst we have many individual travellers, there is plenty of opportunity to meet new people and company builds quickly and you are journeying with like-minded people.

Casey Tours have specialty in long distance outback coach tours through remote sections of the stunning Australian landscape. Through Casey Tours, these Australian outback journeys are designed to give people entry to areas away from the cities while also giving the ability to experience the places, people, and stories that have made Australia the beautiful country it is today.

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