5 Ways To Motivate Yourself


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Hello! I Hope everything is going on well. I thank God the almighty who has enabled you and I to see such a beautiful day. Today I’m going to be brief on my topic. I’m going to tell you five ways on how you can motivate yourself. I chose to talk about this topic because most of the activities we do in our lives involves not only our energy but also our motivation too.

5 ways to motivate yourself

It will be so hard for you to do anything beneficial in your life if you lack intrinsic motivation. For one move from a single step to another, changing his/her way of life, pursuing career, moving in a new home, finding new job, finding a spouse and helping someone else requires internal motivation. Do you know why it is necessary? Simple because it is what gives us the power to work on everything that comes in our way. It is the internal motivation that keeps us moving from one obstacle to another without fear of failure. In my case, I consider the fear of failure as a great barrier to our success.

Here are the five key ways to keep yourself motivated.


This is the first grand way to keep you motivated. You will never be able to do anything by yourself if you don’t believe in yourself. You will on no account make a single move to better opportunities in your life if you don’t trust yourself. You have to believe that you can something better for yourself and for the people around you. You have to have the internal power within you that keeps you on your feet. Do a favor to yourself, and keep on having hope in yourself even if no one else does.

5 ways to motivate yourself

You may be living around with individuals who have never had any faith in you. This might be due to your constant failure you have been riding in front of them. This may be due to the fact that they look down upon you. Trust me; I have been living with such kind of people in my life. What they say, feel and believe about you, is that you cannot make any progress in your life. This happens because of your past experience in your life that made you to triple down and failed to choose the right decisions.

I want to let you know that people are not judged by their past or can you be punished for something you fail to do ten years ago. The mistakes you did in your past let them be a lesson to you, but never try to carry them on your shoulders whenever you go. This is the new you, look yourself in the mirror, see your image and repeat these words with me.

"I believe I can do it"

Keep on repeating these words over and over again. I want to assure you that nothing will stand on your way due to the fear of incompetence. When you have enough courage and confidence in yourself you can do wonders that no ever expected.

I remember when I was in my gap year. Gap year is the period between completion of high school and waiting to join university. We were supposed to choose leaders who will be leading our group in the matters of peer education. I suppose that every group has their own leader. When people were told to raise their hands up if they wanted to be elected as leaders. Most of my fellow gap years froze; they never raised their hands. When I later asked some of them why they never bothered to raise up their hands, they said that they knew they will not be elected as leaders.

I took an initiative and raised my hand up, believing in myself. I believed that I had the qualities of being a leader. I knew I will be voted for. Fortunately, I was elected as their secretary, though I never loved writing staff. I indulged myself fully in to the position I was voted for.

For instance, let me say I never believed in myself, and failed to raise my hand up when our mentor called so for people to be leaders, would have I been elected?


This is another factor to keep you motivated. Nothing brings more joy and happiness than always looking at things in your life with a positive look. When you view the things that happen in your life in a sunny side, this will gives you morale to work on things with high hope of them being successful. If you want to keep yourself motivated, then always hope for the good in every second of your life. This is the aspect that will keep away the fear of failure and instill aspect of confidence in your life.

5 ways to motivate yourself

I would like to let you know that there is nothing brings more joy in this world than looking on things that happen to you in a positive side. This is because everything that you come across will be of less worry to you. You will never be afraid to try anything new in your life. You will not at all fail to show your capabilities before anyone. This is because you are self motivated and charged to do anything with a high view of its success.

Positive vibes keep me going on. When I started blogging, just few months ago. Most people thought I was wasting my time. They thought I will never make it to anywhere with my blog. Other people talked negatively about what I had made my mind to blog on. I never cared anymore. I believed in myself. I believed in the person I saw in the mirror. I was optimistic. Here now I come. I have about 12000+ readers reading my blog. Isn’t that an amazing thing? Things will always work out to you if you have high hopes and have confidence in what you do. When you are optimistic, it is obvious you will get motivated to do anything. This will be a plus to you.


This is another aspect that will keep you motivated. I know you may look this on another side of your view. You may be asking, yourself how will appreciating myself and the progress I make will keep me motivated?

5 ways to motivate yourself

Everything we do in our daily activities requires energy. We spend so much of time working on things that sometimes turn on a negative side. They don’t work out as we expected them to be. This can be so frustrating. This can be the cause of making someone to get lost in his own world. It can make one to lose self confidence. By losing self confidence it goes further degrading your self esteem. When your self esteem is low, you lack motivation factor and you cannot do anything productive or meaningful in your life.

The progress in your life may not be worth celebrating for. I desire to inform you that the little you achieve in your life be happy about it. Treat yourself. Go out and have fun. If it promising, organize a party. In this way life will be more fun and joyous, when you commemorate for the little you have achieved in your life. This will be a starting point of your internal motivation factor. Its opposite is that when you fail to appreciate the little achievements you make in your life, you will never get to feel what it is like to make a step in your life.

This can be another factor of your ingratitude. Lack of appreciation will deprive you motivation factor. You will forever be on the run searching for something that you have no idea what it is. It will make you unrest less. What a dreadful thing can a human be branded with!


You will not know the value of what you got until it departs you. Another great way to keep yourself motivate is by comparing what you own with those who are below you. When you say that you have nothing and sit down; fail to make any effort in your life. This will actually kill you. Human beings tend to have such kind of trait. They fail to harvest what is before, and their gluttonous hearts look over the horizon. They fail to understand that there are people who are below them, that wish to have knowledge, power and all that they posses.

5 ways to motivate yourself

When persons will have this feature of looking those who are below them, they will be motivated and grateful for what they have. This will motivate them to work harder so that they may not fall in that category. I recommended you look for those who are below you because when you look those who are above you; you are likely going to give up on the life you live in.

How can you compete with a person who earns a monthly basic salary of 2000 dollars, while you earn 500 dollars? Now you see the reason why I said to look those who are below you. Try this and you will thank me some years to come.


This is another great way to keep yourself motivated. You have to identify what makes you strong. When you have recognized it, it is the time now to stick to it. As you know it is so hard to make a move when you feel so low. The kind of feeling am talking about is that which makes one feel so down. One feels passive when he/she fails to do certain things in her life.

5 ways o motivate yourself

To keep yourself motivated you have to do things that keep you strong and active. If you get strong by listening to music, then do so. Just do what makes you feel comfortable and active. Doing things that keep you active will automatically inculcate motivation in you.

At all cost, avoid what makes you feel weak. Never pay attention to anything that is going to deprive you motivation away. Stay away completely from things that you know won’t add any value in your life. Interact with people who give you motivation. Associate yourself with people who are knowledgeable, and make you believe that you can achieve anything possible under the sun.

Those are the key 5 points that I entrust you with them. Use them appropriately if you want to instill the aspect of self motivation in your life. Motivation is a crucial characteristic for anyone to achieve anything in his/her life. Motivation can make impossible to be possible. I guess you know that. Do you know anything more that can keep you motivated? Don’t be afraid to leave your comment below. Thank you!

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