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Why the roulette wheel is so attractive to people? Opportunity to feel yourself in Sin City or imagine that you have become Great Gatsby, beautiful image of the game or mysterious power — what makes hundreds of people sit down roulette table again and again?

Obviously casino roulette game needs no advertising, yet there are still a lot of tales and legends around the Roulette wheel. 666 — the number you will get if summarize all the numbers on the roulette wheel. Is it an accident or the founder of zero roulette wheel sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune?

It is not just the game of skill, it’s also about the physics. With the help of such exact sciences as mathematics and statistics you will understand not only how roulette works, but also grasp in what way you can control your luck and cheat the destiny! Find it already interesting?

Read on and you will find out how it was invented, what you need to know before placing a bet to win and some other interesting facts.

The Man Who Invented Roulette

Odds, house edge and statistics are three pillars roulette stands on. Once upon a time, Blaise Pascal, famous French mathematician, physicist, inventor decided to conduct an experiment and occasionally made a mistake that had changed the world once and for all. Physicists don’t believe in fairy tales. Being in search of perpetual motion machine, Pascal constructed a primitive form of roulette in 1655. In other words, it was an attempt to invent the perpetual motion machine. It was supposed to work without any external resources. Eventually, the experiment failed. But it was a new turn in the history of gambling.

Until the mid-19th century the number zero didn’t exist on the roulette wheel at all. Pascal’s roulette edition remained the same for almost two centuries. Everything changed in 1842, when two brothers, entrepreneurs Francois and Lois Blanc constructed a roulette wheel with a single zero by request of King Charles III of Monaco. At that time Monaco faced some financial troubles, Charles III opened a casino and delivered the roulette wheel to the masses. Roulette gambling resulted in a lot of income for Monaco government, and it rapidly grew into an important symbol for Monte Carlo gambling culture. When in 1838 Louis Philippe (King of France) outlawed gambling in France, Monte Carlo became even more desirable for gamblers form all over the world. Adding of a single zero gave the house a bigger house edge. Gamblers would keep losing while the House would get their money.

In 1800s the second zero appears on the roulette wheel. Since then world literally has been divided into two gambling camps: European Roulette with 37 numbers (36 number and single 0) and American edition with 38 numbers (36 numbers and double zero 00).

Roulette Odds: Truth or Fiction?

Michael Small, University of Western Australia Perth, Australian statistician defined the way you can predict which bet will bring you money in the game. He was carrying out the research together with Chi Kong Tse, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The were accurately studying the roulette wheel and found out that once you know the precise location of the roulette spinning ball, its speed and time when the it’s thrown, you can predict for sure what to bet on and increase your odds of winning. Though the experiment didn’t prove that roulette game falls under the science of physics. But if you do pay attention to what’s happening on the roulette table and wheel, you could improve your winning odds considerably.

Future of the Roulette Game

In millennium times there was no need to cross country borders to play single zero or double zero roulette. Everything changed significantly with the introduction of online casinos with roulette games included. Since then it wasn’t a matter of location. Online casinos industry covered the whole world via the Internet. Players have finally acquired the chance to play one’s favorite roulette type despite actual location.

How it will look like in the future? Another zero on board? Change in odds? Live roulette goes viral? The one and only way to find out how roulette will chance is to follow the industry releases and keep playing!

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