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The great thing about arcade games is that players can have some control over the outcome of the game. Blackjack is one of these games, as well as one of the most satisfying table games in casinos, with the best chances of winning. So what can you do to take advantage of these good odds? In this article we will discuss some important factors that will affect Blackjack's performance, as well as some tips on how to win Blackjack online.

Getting to know the rules of the game

Of course, as with any game that requires skills, it is important to know the rules of blackjack. There are currently many variants of Blackjack online and if you decide to try it for real money, it is important to check out the help section for information such as the number of decks in the game, when players can split their cards, the betting limits, and the amount you can win at Blackjack. All this information may determine Blackjack's strategy.

This article is about tips for players who already know about playing Blackjack. If you want to learn the basic rules of Blackjack, read our article on online Blackjack.

Knowledge of home advantage

Another important factor to consider if you play different variants of Blackjack online, is the fact that the advantage of casinos varies depending on the variant and also depending on the software provider. For example, Classic Blackjack Microgaming has a casino advantage of only 0.13% if you play with one hand with the best strategy and Classic Blackjack NetEnta has a casino advantage of 0.35%!

How to win Blackjack online using a basic strategy

Before placing a bet on real money it is advisable to at least familiarize yourself with the basic strategy. This basic strategy was derived from a computer simulation that recorded results on millions of players. Basically, this strategy will tell you when to give up, split or double, and when to hit or wait (hit or stand). To remember this strategy, it is best to use the Blackjack color chart, which can be found in many online examples. You can also find graphs of different varieties for the Blackjack variant you choose.

Other tips on how to win Blackjack online

Once you have read the rules and equipped yourself with a good chart, there are a few other tips to keep in mind if you want to improve your chances of winning Blackjack online:

Don't take out insurance: Ignore the insurance option if the cards have been dealt and the dealer displays an ace.

If you receive a pair of eights or aces, divide them: if a player receives 2 identical cards, he usually has the option to split them up. An 8s pair is the worst possible hand, so if you split them, you will have 2 chances of getting 18.

Don't split pairs 6 or 10: Since pair 10 equals 20, this hand is too strong to risk getting a bad hand. Dividing 6s will cause the worst possible hand.

Play heads-up against the dealer: this offers many advantages on online blackjack tables to avoid losing because of an inexperienced player.

Avoid side bets: In these bets the house almost always has the advantage, even if side betting games can have bigger payouts.

How to win Blackjack online - tips for responsible gaming

In addition to basic strategy and other tips related to the game itself, the casino also recommends that you keep in mind a few other tips that will help you to play responsibly and avoid great losses:

Do not try to recover losses by placing large bets - this reason is obvious and also applies to other table games. If you try to recoup your losses by betting huge amounts of money, you will risk even bigger losses!

Know when to end the game - leave the table when you have won a little and end the game for that day.

Specify your bankroll - bankroll is the specific amount of money you spend on gambling, knowing you could lose it. It should be money that you can easily spend on entertainment.

Choose a table according to your bankroll - this requires you to choose a Blackjack table with ideal betting limits for your individual bankroll, so you won't have to bet too much on every hand. This will allow you to extend your budget and use Blackjack online for as long as possible.

Play Blackjack online for fun - when you start playing Blackjack online, it's always good to play the game first for fun to learn the rules. This will help you avoid losses due to lack of experience.

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