What to See on Your Visit to Bangkok

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  • Published March 14, 2021
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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a popular tourist destination and a good way to get to see the sights here. It is the most populated city in Thailand, the hub of South East Asia, one of the best sight-seeing places in the world.

Although some may think that the most popular sight-seeing attraction is the temples, there are many other things that are worth visiting in Bangkok. You can visit the museums in Bangkok. These are more than enough to fill up your short trips to Bangkok. There are a lot of attractions in the museums like the National Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, the Medical Museum, the Science and Technology Museum, the National Zoo, etc.

If you want to see the sights and monuments of Bangkok, just take it easy and book a sight-seeing tour so you don't miss any of the landmarks. There are a lot of tourist agencies that can help you plan for such tours to Bangkok. If you are looking for budget tours, there are cheap tours available as well.

There are many types of sight-seeing tours - from historic, to ones that show the infamously seedy areas of the city. You can choose from the museum tour, adventure tour, train tour, trip to Phra Nakhon, explore the natural beauty, visit the temples, shopping, and many more sight-seeing tours. The different tours are suited for different age groups, so you can easily find one that suits your tastes.

Bangkok also has excellent public transport - the BTS skytrain or the underground. Notice I didn't mention buses or taxis. The roads are typically clogged with traffic - if it's not a Sunday (when the roads are quieter), the skytrain or underground are your best bets. If you DO take a taxi, they're prefectly safe and most drivers speak reasonable English. Thankfully these days it's very unusual for a driver to quote you a price rather than use a meter (they MUST, by law, use a meter - if any driver quotes you a price, refuse the price and walk away/get out of the taxi).

If you have some extra days to kill in Bangkok, consider going out to the suburbs like Samut Prakan - the pace is slower and the air is cleaner there...and believe it or not, the BTS Sky Train goes all the way out to these suburbs. Also consider going down the eastern searboard to Si Racha or Pattaya if you want to find a beach. Having said that, the better beaches are in Pattaya and further south. Bang Saen beach is the closest to Bangkok, but for that reason, it's packed on the weekends with "Bangkokers" - and to be honest, it's not the best of beaches. If you want beaches with silky white sand, then consider Koh Samet or Hat Nang Ram. You're looking at a 3 hour journey outside of Bangkok, but if you have days up your sleeve, they're highly recommended places to visit and escape the city.

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