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Event planners and organizers face a different set of challenges in ensuring guests' safety, particularly for outdoor venues. Although outdoor events, including fairs, shows, and private or corporate meetings, allow guests to enjoy the good weather and natural view, the bigger crowds often pose a considerable security hurdle for organizers.

While anyone can tumble victim to crimes at any time, holiday functions often make people let their guard down, decrease their level of caution, and become apparent targets for various unfavourable events ranging from drinking-related accidents to harassment objections. Considering that there's no assumption, your attendees will be at their ideal behaviour. No matter how experienced or responsible they are, it would help if you employ careful holiday party planning to reduce the possible risks and bypass as many security perils as possible.

  1. Inform your neighbours in advance

Depending on the venue's location, make sure to tell your neighbours and other relevant parties about your plans to endure a holiday party. Invite your neighbours to the party and excuse them in advance for the possible difficulties. If your neighbours cannot accompany you, keep the music at a moderate level and end the party appropriately. Notifying your neighbours will also enable them to improve their security standards to improve traffic and louder noise levels.

  1. Prepare the venue in time

Ensure that the venue is as safe and organized as possible before your guests appear.

Remove all valuables from the places where the party will be conducted and place them in a locked room.

Ensuring that the walkways and premises are clear of snow and ice.

Provide sufficient lighting inside and outside the venue to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Having emergency medical kits onsite in case of any problems such as allergic effects or trivial injuries.

  1. Identify all Risk Factors

Whether it's a wedding or corporate function, any function hosted outdoors will meet a particular set of somewhat different risks from those indoors. Various security factors won't be within your direction and, if not intended for, may wreak plunder with your event. Fortunately, you can stop many potential risks with the proper arrangement.

You need to ensure that the venue is not overpopulated and that the exits are identified and open. If the platform is small, you should locate a safe number of guests and limit access. This may need you to restrict entry once a particular number of people have been given access. Think about preparing spaces for sub-events and reeling the activities or shows to divide the crowds and lengthen the minimum time frame so the guests don't flood the place at once.

  1. Hire special event security services

Consider hiring professional security guards to guarantee the success of your event by affording safety for your guests. Trained and well-equipped security staff can assist with crowd control for large holiday parties to improve the safety of your attendees, in addition to providing venue security to block intrusions by unwanted guests or even car theft. Notifying the security company in time will enable them to provide adequately through threat classification and analysis, property inspection, scenario mapping, and new security equipment setup.

The appearance of skilled security personnel will help to prevent many potential crimes or severe incidents while creating a sense of security so your guests can enjoy themselves fully. Trained security guards can also observe guests' behaviour at the party and act promptly if inappropriate or potentially unsafe conduct occurs.

  1. Make transport or accommodation arrangements

As a reliable host, part of your job involves getting your guests home safely once the party is done. There are many ways to tackle this issue:

Arrange a range of alcohol-free options for guests who don't drink alcohol and for the preferred drivers. You can, for example, provide "mocktails" along with soft drinks, so they also feel the sense of celebration.

Serve cheese and wine to prevent attendees from becoming intoxicated due to drinking on an empty stomach. Providing food will sustain moderate alcohol and slow down alcohol intoxication.

Provide accommodation at the venue to limit your drunk guests from driving at all. This is particularly necessary if the party will be going into the late hours.

Find local taxi companies and keep their contact details in hand so drunk friends can easily reach them when it's time to leave.

Plan party games and other fun activities to involve people and make them less active in alcohol consumption.

Limit drinking time or hire expert bartenders to recognize people who have drunk too much alcohol to offer guidance.

Have an Emergency Plan

Don't forget to formulate an emergency plan with your security team, including other security actualities you will cooperate with. The goal is to draft a response procedure in the event of a critical threat or other emergencies.

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