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  • Published November 30, 2021
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The Greek word "messenger" is the root of the word "angel". According to St. Thomas Aquinas, as well as other theologians, the angelic beings were organized into nine choirs made up of nine angels. Each choir is composed of three hierarchies with three choirs. From highest to lowest: seraphim, cherubim, thrones of angels, dominations, virtues and powers, principalities, archangels, angels, and thrones. As there are many human personalities, I think there are infinite types of angels. Each Holy Angel, in my experience, is an individual being, with its own personality and reflected Light from God.

The Holy Angels can be considered Divine Fragments. We could take a Beautiful Glass Vase with many colours and break it into fragments. These Divine Fragments, which reflect the Light in a unique way due to the Shapes and Colours of Fragments, would be the Holy Angels. The Holy Angels can be described as Fragments of Divine Essence or Consciousness. The Holy Angels are not like human beings, in that they never forget where their power came from. It comes from God.

Each angel has their own duties and abilities.

Each person is assigned a guardian angel. However, people may be assigned additional angels for special missions or needs. Every angel, including fallen angels, has a name. This strengthens my belief in the existence of angels with distinct identities and personalities.

Many philosophers and saints believe that all manifest universes were created before the angelic realms. Some believe angels were created alongside the material universe. Despite these differences in theology, almost all religions and philosophies agree that angels are pure spirit and have never been incarnated. The New Testament says angels temporarily assume human form. (Heb. 13:2: "And hospitality, don't forget; some have entertained Angels unawares.

While some theologians believe angels are spiritually higher than humans, others claim angels are more spiritually advanced than humans. Theologians agree that there is hierarchy in the angelic realms. According to all reports, angels within their hierarchies take orders from those above them and must follow these directives.

Both angels and humans were granted free will. However, not all angels follow God. This article does not dwell on fallen angels. It is meant to talk about the Holy Angels.

The Holy Angels

Numerous saints and prophets throughout history have been aware that the Holy Angels exist. Padre Pio, along with other Catholic saints, met and spoke to his guardian angel. The Old and New Testaments both contain accounts of angels appearing and their roles in humanity's lives, personal and impersonal. The Revelations of Saint John tell us that the Holy Angels will work with humanity on earth and from Heaven, until the end.

The four archangels, Michael, Auriel, Raphael and Gabriel, are the most well-known to humans. However, it is generally agreed that seven archangels preside over angels in the ninth and lowest choir. According to scholars and St. Thomas Aquinas, the seraphim represents the highest angels. They are eternally in Heaven contemplating God. The Principalities are the lowest and last hierarchy of angels with which we humans interact. We humans have two closest choirs of angels: the Archangels or angels. They can call upon us at any time for help, protection, healing, spiritual guidance, and assistance. My understanding is that when we call upon angels for protection or assistance (and I'm not a theologian), we are communicating with the five lowest choirs. The closest to manifestation. These angelic beings can act as Divine agents and messengers, bringing messages from God down to earth. They can heal, guide, protect, and teach us. They can also intercede for us with God, just like the saints or Our Lady. Angels can also be called upon by human beings to assist others for many reasons and purposes. Their response to prayers is instantaneous and swift beyond our comprehension. Time and space do not limit them. I have never seen an angel refuse to help someone in distress. Many stories are about angels sent from God who have prevented accidents and even pushed people out of harm's path or carried them to safety. Most of the time, we don't even know they exist or provide guidance and protection. These protections can be either physical, emotional, or spiritual. St. Gregory wrote that there is no visible world without the agency and protection of invisible beings.

Angels, unlike humans, and other earthly creatures, are not restricted by time or space. The angels, unlike humans and other creatures on the earth, cannot experience all sides and shades of emotions and thoughts. It would be difficult, if it is impossible, to be all good and all evil for any human. However, angels have this basic definition. Angels may be simpler because they reflect God in form. Angels are pure spirit, so I don't mean they have a physical form. They are the first to be created, even though they were not yet in our universe.

Also, it seems that holy angels reflect the Light of God more directly than humans. Reflection is a term that refers to the fact that angelic beings appear to be more pure reflections of the eternal Glory, Beauty and Power of God. It almost seems as if the Divine light pours through holy angels and radiates out of them like a sheet made of glass. Although we humans reflect God, we are not pure spirit. Our physical bodies can block out the Divine Light of our Souls. Humans were made in God's image, and the Trinity is embedded in their souls. Human beings can achieve a mystical union with God by practising virtues, deep prayer, grace, and the development of virtues while they are on this earth. All that God creates is from the same source and essence, so I don't see it as a question about "higher than" or “lower than," as the theologians. Both angels and humans are created beings with free will. Each has their own connection to God. Each creature must decide whether they want to face God or not.

Our human reality is confusing and tempting to the Holy Angels, but they are not confused by it. They never forget God and a higher Reality. They never forget from God where their power comes. They see both our realm and theirs, and recognize us and our differences. Holy Angels that I have met have a sweetness and beauty, radiance and power that is not available to humans. They often speak little, if any, despite their Divine Intelligence. They speak in simple, clear and direct words. They often share information or ask questions - or both. They have provided me with guidance, clarification, advice, and even directives from God in these "conversations". They are messengers of God and act as envoys between the realms.

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