The True Story of the Brotherhood of Angels


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  • Published December 1, 2021
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Are Angels real? Do they have an impact on your life? Is there a way to see them and what do they look like? Are Angels just a store-manufactured product that aims to flood the market of cherub-faced dolls sporting wings? These are real questions that you must answer. Angels open up new avenues of questions about God, Angels and the effect they have on our daily lives.

Today, most people believe Angels are real and can have an impact on their lives. This is due to the fact that they have experienced, felt or heard things that can't be explained any other way. That is one of their roles as Holy Angels. They provide supernatural guidance, protection and miracles to help us make the right decisions. As workers for God, they have many responsibilities. Our responsibility is to identify who is who. All Angels once belonged to the same brotherhood. However, that brotherhood has been divided into Holy Angels and UnHoly Angels. A third, smaller group of unHoly Angels is called "Those Who Watch", which are those who do not agree or join Satan and demons in their evil activities, but are distinct from God and Holy Angels due to the decisions they made against God's will. All are always around us, and all will also be addressed in this article.

The Holy Angels are among the most beloved creatures in the universe. All Angels were created Holy in the first place, but they were also given free will to choose their own fate, just like humans. They are not living people, and were there before humans arrived. Angels enjoy many privileges, including the ability to send messages to humanity. Both the Hebrew mal-akh' and the Greek ag'gelos words actually refer to "messenger" or spirit messengers, and are found in the Bible almost 400 times. All Angels were created for their specific roles. There are Guardian Angels and Healing Angels. Protection Angels and Protection Angels. Homing Angels help with death. For clear organization of what is needed, there are additional blessings and responsibilities. Many do more now than they used to to help the Angels who fell. All people love God, desire to see his name sanctified, and share in his will.

The appearance of Angels is a reflection of what they were made to do. Every Holy Angel has a different colour in their mid-region. They are constantly changing and shining like beautiful jewels in the sun. Every combination of colours can be used to show who they are, what their accomplishments and what their responsibilities are. These colours are not available to Angels who have been unplugged from Father. Similar facets of love are also found in human beings. We continue to polish them, as we are sparks from the Divine Flame and redeemed through Grace. Angels' wings aren't actually feathers. They can be compared to glowing beams of shining light. Angels have no sex; they do not marry nor procreate. They are referred to as males in the scriptures, but are often depicted as females in most paintings.

Angels also have personalities and names. The Bible only gives two names for Angels, Michael and Gabriel. God sent angels in God's name, not theirs. There are many references in scriptures to people asking Angels for their names or wanting them to worship them. But they were told: "Be careful!" Don't do it! I am a servant alongside you and your brothers who believe in Jesus. Worship God! (Revelation 19:10) This explains why so many occult texts are full of names. The unHoly Angels pride themselves on their ability to be famous and make a name for them.

Angels communicate using a language I call "AngelSpeak", which they create and then transmit to the listener. It's a combination of five things: numbers, musical tones and colours, space, dimension, space, and dimension. If I say the word "picnic", you might think of a sunny July day and fried chicken. AngelSpeak shows the picnic was July 4, 2004 at 11:00:24 A.M. Pacific Time. There were 7 pieces crispy brown chicken, and the sun was shining. It's like a whole vision experience that's telepathically created in the mind of another. All spirit beings use this language throughout the universe. It was intended for mankind, but it is not what we use today. We can still see the basics around us, and we are more likely to identify with combinations of these things. The football team's fight song, hometown, colours and shirt numbers are all included in TV ads. They also have a price, theme, and other details that you can use to identify them.

Angels can travel at incredible speeds. They are numerous and can travel at incredible speeds. They have greater intelligence and power than us, and are more powerful than us. Angels may not be all-knowing, and they don't fully grasp or know many things. They are interested in how God's love interacts with humanity, and the timing of important events. Even Angels want to see these things. (1 Peter 1:12) Angels rejoice when a person repents of bad choices, and they also watch the "theatrical spectacle", which we create as we live our lives and make our own choices for good or evil. (1 Corinthians 4:9) This TV is Reality TV. Can you imagine the titles? "The Political Comedy Hour- Red Light in White House", "The Hating Game- How Long Will This Couple Stay Married?" "Religion Today: Why Are Humans Playing God?" They can't change the channel if there is too much violence. They are permitted to pray and participate in Divine intervention if they choose. This shows how God values free will. He won't force us to do anything even if it's good for us. We must ask the Angels for help, even in small matters. They are eager to help.

One of the most touching aspects about Angels is that they sing a prayer to humankind wherever the sun goes down. This is a blessing for those who choose to stay another day. They are aware of the evil plans of the unHoly Angels against us, and the confusion many have about the situation. We often forget that we are not alone and separate. It is hard. They were used to being taunted by unHoly Angels. Then Michael the Archangel sent out "a third" of the stars of heaven, literally thousands upon thousands of Angels in what is known as The Great War. The fallen Angels used to come and go from heaven in the past (Job. 2:2, 2. However, after the war, they were forbidden from returning for any reason. A great chasm was constructed to stop one side from hearing the other. They are now held for a brief time in the vicinity of the earth (which also includes the moon). You heavens and all those who live in them, rejoice! Woe to the earth, and the sea! "He is full of fury because he knows his time is limited." (Revelation. 12:12

Although Holy Angels are usually invisible, they can appear in many forms and manifest a human body when necessary. Remember what Einstein said? Matter is simply slowed down energy. They can appear as a mist, brightly lit man, shimmering heat waves, or vibrational energy. You may not be able to see the love swirling within them depending on their form. You will likely not see much with your eyes, but you will feel connected. Because angels are so frequent, it is difficult to see them. To be able to see them, they must slow down. While the Holy Spirit can be warm or cold, most often spirits, ghosts, and Angels make the room feel extremely cold. Feel these sensations? Try to raise your vibration as high as possible. Next, pray and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. Cross your eyes as if you were looking into a 1980's "magic eye" puzzle. Now ask for a Holy Angel from God. You must also choose to allow the Angel to see you, and slow down his energy to make this possible. Holy Angels don't want to be praised, and will only show their support if they are best suited for the job. You might see Angels differently than Hollywood portrays. They can be enormous - I have seen Angels standing over houses that were truly blessed, almost 40 feet high. They can also be extremely, very small.

The unHoly Angels: Because of freedom and the ability to make your own decisions, there were Angels that appeared in Noah's time and created male bodies. "The Sons of God saw the beauty in the daughters of man and married them. The Nephilim lived on earth during those days when the sons and daughters of God had children. (Genesis 6,2-4) Angels who left their responsibilities were called fallen Angels, unHoly Angels, or demons. They were forbidden from returning to their original jobs, which they were originally created to do. They now stood on the same side of Satan the Angel, the first Angel to rebel against God in the Garden of Eden.

These wilful, unHoly Angels created a hybrid of human and angel offspring called "Nephilim." They were a race of giants, with supernatural powers. They used their power without restraint to manipulate and destroy the human race. At four months old, the babies were born to mothers who died tragically. They were not made by God and had no spirit. The unHoly Angels must be close to them to exist. Their hybrid bodies were one of the reasons the flood took place. These superhuman giants' memories were a strong source of inspiration for Noah's eight survivors. The stories of how God saved them were passed down through generations. Many mythologies about ancient Greece were built on fragmented memories from these real-life experiences. The flood has stopped Satan and the other unHoly Angels from ever resurfacing in physical form. They still attempt to appear as mist or brightness like a Holy Angel, and to manipulate the scene. They seek out humans to become their "eyes" and "hands".

Lucifer, once a Holy Son of God, had opted to rebel and became the devil or Satan (meaning "slanderer," etc.). Lucifer raised three questions in the Garden of Eden about God's authority to govern. God's patience, grace and love answered these questions. The evidence against Love has been building for thousands of years, much like a large court case. We are now at the end of the case. The demons are doing their best to cause as much destruction as possible. If we call on the Holy Angels, they will guide and protect us. It can be as simple as a thought, a personal prayer, or citing the Divine Decrees given to us by God through stigmata to assist with this world shift.

Love always wins! This is God's law: Good always triumphs over evil, and love is the best and most beneficial choice for everyone. Even in these final moments, God's arms remain open to all Angels who wish to return to him. Their former brothers will welcome them with joy. This is why the things have continued so long. God wants no one cut off and he allows the demons to see that we choose love over fear and light over darkness, even when we are imperfect. Many of our human testimony has actually changed the minds and led to demons returning to God. We humans do not need to fear Angels. They are not only there, but also want to help us. We have them all at our disposal, and we are the winners - just call in the Holy Angels. It's all we could ask for!

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