Accept The Things You Cannot Change


  • Author Kimberly Anne Bell
  • Published March 6, 2022
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ACCEPT that you are a LIVING HUMAN BEING here on earth to make a difference!!!! That smile on your face is to show the world and light up their day. That feature that you see as a flaw just enhanced the uniqueness of your beauty for the world to see! For me it was my nose that I used to view as a flaw. Today I accept it as a perfected shape to enhance the beauty and Uniqueness of ME.

ACCEPT that the brain and mind YOU have is a gift for this world to be enlightened and moved by. Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to the world so now is the time to speak out and express yourself!


You are human with human feelings and emotions. When asked how I feel I used to just say “I feel okay.” Even though deep down it may have been low spirits, a little sad, lonely, or sexually frustrated. I would try to avoid these labels by saying “I’m okay”. Growth comes when you acknowledge your true feelings and control them instead of avoiding and suppressing them.

You have the power to change how you feel over time but the first step is to accept these feelings. Feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger, sadness, bitterness, loneliness, inadequacy or weakness are valid feelings that each human being can and will experience. It’s okay to feel because YOU are HUMAN, created by GOD and you also have the strength to overcome them and move forward in life. You have so much ahead to look forward to, such as feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, surprise, and peace.


Accept the things you cannot change, including change itself. Don’t fight it, resist it, force it or provoke it. Let it just happen. Think of how the weather changes so naturally without any help from us. Let change be that natural as we learn to relax each day to whatever change that will come.

Everything in life goes through a changing process including humankind. We just must view change differently and go through the process. Nothing in life stays the same. You can work with the change, embrace it, and become a better YOU!

I used to hold on to a consistent pattern and regimen regardless of if it was a healthy one or a day-to-day one. I avoided change and got really upset if something happened to spark that change.

I experienced years of change such as losing employment, new jobs, people changing in my life and my children growing and having their own families which affected our relationship. My body also changed to the point where I had to change the way I ate, as well as when and what I ate. The more I fought change, resisted it and resented it, the more change would come. It left me frustrated, exhausted, worried, stressed out, burdened down, and miserable.

Does this sound familiar to you? As I started to embrace CHANGE for ME in whatever form it came my way and went with the process, life become more valuable and precious to LIVE and EXPERIENCE!!!

Kimberly Anne Bell is a speaker,mentor, minister and author of "The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept & Embrace It All"

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