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  • Published May 5, 2022
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Banff National Park and the neighbouring Canadian Rockies provide soul-stirring scenery and fresh mountain air.

It would be a disgrace to oneself to come here and not do at least a couple of hikes or walk in the wilderness. Every one of these easy treks in Banff and a few more in the area is suitable for all levels of hikers and provides spectacular natural scenery and pure wilderness. These simple Banff walks take place on well-maintained routes and thus are sure to please hikers of all abilities.

  1. Bow Summit

This climb takes you beyond the first two points of view across Peyto Lake and the hill to a picture of Bow Lake below. It's an excellent simple Banff hike if you want to put your feet up and enjoy the outdoors while still getting a little exercise because there's some elevation gain. However, we prefer other walks in Banff National Park for the effort.

  1. Marble Canyon

This short hike is theoretically not in Banff, although it is located in the Kootenays, just off of the Trans-Canada Highway. It's a gorgeous stroll down a canyon that's often blooming with hundreds of wildflowers in the summertime and snow-covered in the wintertime. The path winds up the canyon, crossing the rapid Kootenay River on several bridges.

The track is well-marked and well-maintained, making it simple to follow. The river always has a blue hue since it is nourished by glaciers far above Alpine, which is magnificent during the summer months. It's one of our favourite trails for kids or anybody looking for a low-key day.

  1. Lake Louise Trail

An easy stroll around Lake Louise all along the north side of the lake is a breathtaking walk. It's quite popular, and getting away from the people around Lake Louise is difficult, but it's well worth it. Well before Covid-19, we adored Lake Louise because it is one of the most tranquil locations on earth, and we avoided crowds like the plague.

  1. Silverton Falls

This short trip follows an ancient dirt road on its way to Rockbound Lake, one of the more popular Banff hikes, but takes a detour to Silverton Falls. The trail follows Silverton Creek till it reaches the overlook of Silverton Falls.

This waterfall is 50 metres tall and quite stunning during the summer months. The best feature about this route is that it's very peaceful compared to adjacent Johnston Canyon, so it's a good alternative if you're intolerant to crowds.

  1. Consolation Lakes Trail

This is a favourite among the family because it can be combined with both the Moraine Lake Rockpile and is relatively easy with only a small amount of elevation gain. The terrain is tougher, with significant maximum elevation and a short portion that traverses over a boulder field, making it a great rise to the occasion from the Lakeshore Trail.

Images of the scree hills as from the Tower of Babel can be seen throughout the trail. The trip begins in an old-growth woodland and ends in alpine grassland and wetlands, with the consolation lakes at the finish. The backdrop of the Ten Peaks Mount Babbel and Mount Fay, crowned by glaciers, may be seen from the lakes.

  1. Johnson Lake

Enjoy the alpine views by taking a tour around Johnson Lake. It's a straightforward climb with an even elevation that provides a fantastic evening or morning walk because it's near Two Jack Lake campsite and not far from Banff town.

The trail winds its way thru the forest, providing breathtaking views of the lake and Cascade Mountain, which towers high above. The lake is peaceful and a nice area to take a stand paddle boarding or swimming if you're feeling bold. Keep the eyes peeled for a rope swing.

  1. Surprise Corner To Hoodoos

This is a fantastic simple Banff hike only a few minutes outside of town. The trail winds its way around Tunnel Mountain and along the Bow River. Magnificent sights of the Bow and Spray Valley await you as you stroll down the river, including the classic view of the Banff Springs Hotel above the Bow River (called Surprise Corner).

The Hoodoos, a collection of tiny spires of rock produced by years of erosion, are also visible along the trail. You'll be surprised at how fast you enter the wilderness, which is practically on the outskirts of Banff.

  1. Sunshine Meadows

This is a fantastic climb with spectacular views that requires little effort because the Sunshine Village gondola does all of the heavy lifting. Hikers enjoy a wealth of possibilities from the village's convenient base. The routes are surrounded by a sea of wildflowers and are set in an alpine meadow.

The classic hike to Rock Isle Lake follows the shores of two lakes, passes through an alpine larch forest, and ends in an incredible viewpoint with views of Kootenay National Park. It is lovely to walk through these alpine meadows, which feel like something from a fantasy.

Banff National Park and the neighbouring Canadian Rockies provide soul-stirring scenery and fresh mountain air. to know more visit:

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