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The beaches of Chicago are not as famous as other beach destinations. The beaches of Chicago are colder than other beaches. These beaches are also famous for various water sports and beach activities. Lake Michigan has created several sand patches around Chicago. Chicago has nine famous beaches that attract tourists and visitors. Lifeguards are a must on these beaches.

List of Top Beaches in Chicago

Some of the top beaches in Chicago are:

  1. North Avenue Beach

This is one of the interesting beaches of Chicago. This beach is famous during the summer months. One can easily engage in various beach sports like volleyball, sandcastles, and jumping into the lake water for a swim. The crowd is often seen engaged in common games and group activities to warm the environment that projects a clear California beach vibe. When the water heats up, the visitors are seen diving into the lake water to swim or enjoy the beach life.

The food truck is also available in this beach area. Children can easily get ice cream, and the adults can enjoy drinks and cocktails beside the shore. Extreme sports are also available on this beach, such as Jet Ski, paddleboards, kayaking. One can also rent bicycles or lounge chairs to relax and have fun.

  1. 57th Street Beach

57th Street beaches are famous for frequent family visits and gatherings. This beach is near the science museum and the industrial lines that result in frequent family visits. This particular beach is never too crowded. It is a famous spot for surfers and wave lovers. For public usage, common restrooms and snack bars are also available. Another interesting sport to observe on this beach is the large colorful kites. The Kitesurfers are the main attraction of this beach. Big flying kites against the orange sky create a beautiful spectacle.

  1. Montrose Beach

It is an impressive beach in Uptown. Montrose beach is famous for kayaking, paddle boarding, and Jet Skiing. It is the perfect spot for the surfers and the Kitesurfers to show their feats and practice. People often come to this beach to enjoy the natural beauty and birds. You will often find bird watchers and sailboats gliding on these beaches. one can notice sailboats gathered near the dock bars and grill shelters. Moreover, Montrose is a pet-friendly beach that allows four-legged friends to accompany the travelers to walk by the waters. The pets love the curved water break near the north side of the beach.

  1. Ohio Street Beach

Ohio street beach is famous among individual visitors who want to enjoy a quick ump into the water. This beach is near the Navy Pier. People often come to this beach to practice their water sports. The water here is shallow and appropriate for beginners to swim and enjoy the beach life. Besides the shallow calm water, people often come here to enjoy the beachside snack corners. One can easily get sandwiches, beers, cocktails in the food corners and cafes.

The visitors are mainly attracted by the soothing environment of a perfect beach life with calming palms, sands, and sunlight.

  1. Oak Street Beach

The people are often attracted to the pleasant beach life to relax and spend their leisure times. Oak Street Beach is the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying sports. It is lined with plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas to relax. One can easily find a relaxing beach life amid the tall skyscrapers surrounded by the city. The tall industrial buildings act like shades for the sunlight. One can spot plenty of cafes and DJs playing at this beach. It is a perfect place to socialize for young souls. This beach is always crowded and busy. Even the afternoons are crowded here. The beach lovers are not affected by the Lake Shore Drive condos.

  1. 63rd Street Beach

Kids love to play on the beach with their friends and family. It is the perfect place for them to enjoy castle-making and beach activities. This beach is perfect for kids to enjoy the interactive beach environment. Jackson park is situated near this location. People often come here to enjoy the pleasant breeze by the shore. This beach has several facilities that adore the place, making it comfortable and suitable for the children. The charming yacht harbor is another factor of this beach.

  1. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach/31st Street Beach

The name of this beach is long. People know this beach by its original name 31st Street beach, Margaret T Burroughs Beach. The beach has been named after poet, artist and historian Margaret T Burroughs. She was the founder of the DuSable Museum. The place was made popular for family visits and the spectacular view of the skyline. The place has a scenic view of the harbor and docks. One can also enjoy friendly cafeterias by these beach areas. This beach area is perfect for a light outing for families and friends.

  1. 12th Street Beach

The location of this beach is secluded. One can access this beach if they walk south from the Adler Planetarium, leading one to this crescent-shaped beach. The 12th Street beach is famous for its natural aura of the beach. The modern amenities and facilities do not touch it much. One can easily enjoy the gigs and musicals at night arranged near the pavilion of the northerly island. The tunes float in the air to this beach for the visitors to enjoy a perfect soothing evening.

  1. Rainbow Beach

The bright sunny beach of the Rainbow beach is a famous spot among the southern shores of Chicago. It has the oldest gardens in the city. This beach is adorned with natural dunes and a wildlife experience for visitors. People can enjoy the natural Sand Dunes, birds, and animals on this beach. The colorful aura of the beach has been perfected by the various species of insects, birds that can be found on this beach.

These best beaches in Chicago are some of the attractive spots for tourists and visitors to enjoy. All the beaches of Chicago have their characteristics. Amid the busy city life one can stay in any of the furnished apartments in Chicago, and easily take time off to enjoy the bit of nature and pleasant beach life.

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