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  • Published September 2, 2022
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The population in Stafford has grown massively over the past decade and so to has the number of people living past 80 years old. As the population continues to grow and with an increasing aging population, care services are in great demand.

Thankfully, Staffordshire County Council have set-up a care provider called Nexxus Care who are responsible for providing the required care services in Stafford and the rest of the county. Nexxus Care provide a variety of care services, including residential care, reablement services and domiciliary care. For those not in the know, this pretty much covers traditional community care services in your own home, care delivered within a care home and helping those who have recently come out of hospital to regain independence and prevent future hospital admission.

To be able to provide sufficient care services in Stafford and Staffordshire, Nexxus Care rely on a team of highly professional carers. These carers are given all the appropriate training and have the necessary skills to provide the best possible care to a wide variety of vulnerable people. The organisation has a total of eight care homes across the county, so many carers are based in these homes, providing care for mostly older residents. Other carers will be more mobile, often visiting residents at home.

Caring for people of a vulnerable nature is no easy task and the healthcare professionals in Stafford need to able to deal with sometimes difficult people. They never quite know what they are going to be faced with and this makes the job extremely varied but also challenging. Not only do they need to provide the basic care required for each individual, but they also need to a good communicator and understanding person. For some people the carer may be the only person they see for the entire day and so they may well require emotional support as well as physical support. Carers may also be required to help with general tasks around the home and contact family were required.

Nexxus Care are always looking to grow their team and so for anyone looking for care jobs in Staffordshire they provide an online portal to apply directly online. The benefits they provide are very competitive, job security and a good salary being just two of these.

Nexxus Care provide Care Jobs in Stafford and the rest of Staffordshire.

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