Time Is Collapsing


  • Author Robert Hall
  • Published April 26, 2024
  • Word count 3,171

This is really amazing, I recently entered a writing contest on a site for authors. The contest had 5 themes to choose from. I chose “Write a story from the point of view of a non-human character.” The writing had to be less than 3000 words. I had to make my little manuscript short, concise, and to the point. I wrote this in a few hours, the words just “flowed”. I was a conduit. Time Is Collapsing.

Whoa, why is this? Who am I? Another answered, not by voice, but somehow He heard. You’re My Son. What’s a Son? You’re my very first creation. What does creation mean? I’ll show You around after a little more creating. You’re also My only joy. Astonishingly, He knew what joy is and He felt absolutely wonderful. This Being started to share the very essence of Who He Is, and suddenly, He started to learn and comprehend very, truly, extremely fast. He mysteriously understood atomic forces, protons, electrons, neutrons, neutrinos, recurring and changing inorganic and organic molecules. He comprehended amino acids and the forces that regulate all. Vistas of astonishing beauty opened up for Him. He became ecstatic while gazing at forests, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, skies, worlds, suns, stars, galaxies, and universes. He was everywhere with this magnificent One. He asked, “Who are You?” “I Am” was the reply. He instantly comprehended His own name is Christ.

He became aware this is His Father, Whose very nature is to give and teach all He knows, and He knows everything. Christ knew He is not in any way separate or different from God. Christ understands He is not a part of God, He is an extension of the whole. He knew love must be shared, and the love that is shared in His Father’s universe is exquisite and beautiful. Oh, the joy and laughter as They completed One Another. Christ supremely became as powerful, compassionate, wise, knowing, limitless, and most importantly as loving as His Creator. They are inseparable and continue to co-create vast galaxies and universes. However, due to the infinite wisdom of I Am, they stopped short of creating life to populate all that is. In Their Beautiful Minds, They knew exactly what to do when God would say the moment was perfect. They envisioned all aquatic life, myriads of different flying species, all animal life, and the harmony of the varying interconnected environments all would live in. Their creations were also to be gifted with the ability to co-create. Each after their own kind. All of this would happen in a nanosecond. Just as Christ had been created.

There was no concept of time or space for They were everywhere, and They were One. God has created Christ to be exactly like Himself and to share His eternal love and joy in a state of unencumbered, boundless, and unimaginable ecstasy. Any question the Son asked was instantly answered as Their communication was perfect.

Then somewhere, somewhen Christ asked a question that was not answered. What? Why? The question was like,” What else is there?” or “What would it be like to go out and play by Myself?” I Am did not answer because there is nothing else, but God’s perfect creation. The Divine Son became horrified, certainly an awful new feeling previously unknown. He mistakenly thought His perfect communication was completely gone. Then He experienced a vastly more terrible knowing. Fear. Christ instantly created a universe of His own where He could hide. What we refer to as The Big Bang occurred, composed of billions of fragments. He needed somewhere deeper to escape, so He instantly made the first human bodies after His Own Image and placed His Magnificent Mind into all of them. The first ego was spawned. This Mind believes that it is completely on its own. Christ also actualized all the animal life, countless aquatic creatures, the avian companions, and the harmonious environments they would all co-create in. While we may still try to create, we cannot really compose without the power of God, so everything made eventually falls apart and dies. The reason is that this false dream universe was contrived due to fear.

God knows absolutely nothing about this since in nonduality there is only a constant, unchangeable Love. Before there was only Oneness, now there is Twoness. The idea of duality could not be carried out in God’s reality, so Christ created a dream universe of illusion and entered it as if falling asleep and dreaming. The trouble was that He went into such a deep state of sleep that He had no awareness that He was dreaming, so He accepted the universe of illusion as real and forgot that He had a true home in the Celestial Realm.

The story of Adam symbolizes what happened to Him and us. The Bible says that a deep sleep fell upon Adam, and nowhere is there a reference to his waking up. This created a barrier in communication between the Father and the Son so deep that God decided a correction was necessary. God's extension outward, though not His completeness, is blocked when the Son does not communicate with Him as One. So He thought, My Child is asleep and must be awakened. So God wanted to awaken His Son. But there was a major problem.

Whatever God places His attention on becomes as if it is real. If God entered the dream to redeem His Son, then the dream would become real to Him as well, and He would also be trapped. There would be the risk of both the Father and the Son becoming eternally separated from their true Home, eternally losing Their Identity. In other words, if God Himself were to acknowledge anything except the idea of perfect oneness, then there would no longer be perfect oneness. There would no longer be a perfect state of Heaven for us to return to. As we will see, we never really left anyway. We’re still there, but we have entered into a nightmare state of illusion. While we have traveled only in dreams, God and Christ, Who are always One, have continued as They always have and always will, completely unaffected by the “tiny, mad idea” of separation.

To solve the problem and allow God to keep His attention focused on Reality, He created a special agent, The Holy Spirit, that would be a bridge between the two states of existence and the answer to the separation. He has created the Holy Spirit as the Mediator between perception and knowledge. Without this link with God, perception would have replaced knowledge forever in our minds. With this link with God, the perception will become so changed and purified that it will lead to understanding.

The Holy Spirit knew exactly what body the original Christ Mind was asleep in. The original Christ was healed and woke up in Heaven. In other words, we are all split off as part of the One Christ Mind. There can only be one Son. Unity can only create unity. Multiplicity cannot originate from Oneness. If all His creations are His Son, everyone must be an integral part of the whole Sonship. The Sonship in its oneness transcends the sum of its parts. Therefore, the term Sons of God is used by God for our convenience in addressing His Children as they believe they are. On the other hand, the Son of God is the term used to denote who we truly are as Christ, the Identity of Oneness we shall awaken to after our dream of multiplicity is undone.

Each time a baby appears to be born into this world, it is merely reliving the time when it seemed to leave its perfect environment in God, where all was nirvana, and it was completely taken care of and provided for, and then suddenly found itself slapped in the face by a seeming reality that was a living hell by comparison. We may consider birth to be a miracle, but babies don’t come into this world smiling, do they? They come in crying and screaming.

The mind that is reliving the seeming separation has actually fallen asleep and is dreaming an idle, insignificant dream, or nightmare because anything that seemed to be apart from Heaven would have to be symbolic of an opposite to Heaven. It would thus seem to include opposite characteristics. There’s no doubt we believe we’re experiencing reality here. We must be shown the way out of this experience. Our “asleep at the wheel mind” doesn’t know it, but it’s going to wake up in the equivalent of a cosmic instant. That is because the Voice for God and Heaven, which we will refer to as the Holy Spirit, is still with us to remind us of the truth and call us to return. This fail-safe memory of who we really are can never be lost, making an awakening to the reality of Heaven completely inevitable.

We have the power to choose the memory and strength of God or something else instead. That is what the part of our mind that decides did immediately after the seeming separation. Out of shock, fear, and confusion, it made a series of unwise choices that resulted in us appearing to be here. We still don’t realize that, given the remarkable power of the mind, certain choices made by us could end the seeming separation, and could have at any time. This means that we are capable of accomplishing it, with beautiful help from The Holy Spirit.

God could not have created this world. It would not be in His nature. He is not cruel. If this were the real world, God would be cruel. For no Father could subject His children to this as the price of salvation and be loving.

So now the original healed Christ Who is continuing to learn from Our Father is thinking, I’ve learned much from my first question of “Whoa, why is this?” I must help the children I have made. Thus enters Jesus into the dream illusion. The Son thought I’ll have Jesus be born of a virgin, and he’ll be able to perform what my children will call miracles. Christ knew He had been healed by the Holy Spirit, so the same Spirit conceived Jesus in Mary’s womb. Furthermore, Christ thought to Himself, I’ll ask the Holy Spirit to descend on Jesus in the form of a dove after he’s baptized by John. Christ also thought I’ll have Jesus led into the desert immediately after his baptism and live for 40 days and nights without food or water. He knew His children would mistakenly think the reason was to be tempted by a Satan which doesn’t exist (neither does hell). Christ thought I’ll have Jesus trained in the wilderness to only listen to the Holy Spirit; thus his ego will be totally eliminated. Jesus will be the only one in time who will completely manipulate his dreaming. Christ knows he’ll walk on water, calm the seas, feed the multitudes, explain magnificent spiritual truths, heal the paralyzed, the blind will see and best of all, he’ll raise the dead. This will prove to my children that death is an illusion, especially after he will live again after his crucifixion. He knew unfortunately His children would think he died for their sins. My Father knows nothing about my false universe and doesn’t even know what sin is. He understands I’ll have the same Holy Spirit Who healed Me, have Jesus thoroughly understand he is One with Me as I am One With Our Father. My creations will eventually understand the same Truth. When the last mind is healed and the false universe vanishes, My Father and I will receive great pleasure and joy in teaching our beautiful children the perfection of their being. Forever. They’ll understand Love is not an emotion but the most powerful force in all creation.

This writing is dedicated to my wife of 20 years, Mary Jo. She died suddenly in front of me at the young age of 43. We were on a cruise ship enjoying a 2nd honeymoon when a blood clot let loose caused by the compression and decompression of the aircraft and hit her heart. She was perfectly healthy and died instantly. The horror and disbelief of what I witnessed are beyond explanation, however, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have never left my side or yours. Her tombstone states the truth that Love Is Eternal. Death is our gateway to Eternal Life. God Is. -Bob

A bit of trivia, Jesus had been married to Mary. Under Jewish law, only the wife could anoint the body. Also, his name is not Jesus Christ, it’s Jesus of Nazareth. He understood perfectly he was One with Christ. We will all arrive at the same perfect and wonderful conclusion.

Eventually, we will evolve into a Co-Creator God Consciousness Being. It is a natural process to unfold into this state of being, like anything else in nature. There is so much a soul can learn by observing nature and all her teaching lessons. In all of nature, there is never a hurry to quicken a process as everything is always perfect in every moment and when the time is right, the rose will bloom. The Universal Christ Mind is constantly communicating with all of creation in every moment. For the kingdoms without free will this connection is called innate intelligence when the guidance comes directly from the Universal Mind. The guidance for a beaver to build a dam, a bird to build a nest, a flock of birds to fly in a V Formation, the spider to spin her web, a rose to bloom or the hibernation of animals in the Winter. The timing always comes perfectly. All these life forms are always in Christ's presence in every moment. This guidance is perfect, and it represents harmony, balance, order, and unity for the good of all. Nature comes together to represent the synchronicity of the Oneness as life unfolds. These kingdoms, mineral, plant, insect, animal, and angelic, do not have free will and are directly connected to the Christ Mind and stay consciously aware at every moment.

Every soul that comes to Earth is also directly connected to this Mind, but has not yet learned to stay consciously aware in each moment. Before coming to Earth we were also connected to the Son's Mind through Innate Intelligence, but when we came to Earth, we were gifted with free will, the ability to manifest using a conscious mind and learning to discern using the five senses and reasoning. Once the Earth soul understands they are always connected to the Universal Mind and never separated from the Oneness of life, they will learn to trust their feelings and reconnect to understand their perfection.

Differences Between New Age Beliefs And A Course In Miracles

NEW AGE BELIEF -1: God made this world so that it can experience itself. This world is very real.

ACIM -1: This world is not real. God did not create this world nor even know of its existence. The entire universe is an illusion dreamt by the Son of God.

NEW AGE BELIEF -2: Either semi-dualism (recognizing that God is love) or non-duality (recognizing life is an illusion but thinking that illusion was made by truth).

ACIM -2: Pure non-duality: Anything that comes from God must be exactly like Him. God could not create anything that is not perfect, or else He wouldn’t be perfect.

NEW AGE BELIEF -3: The collective consciousness is God/Spirit.

ACIM -3: Consciousness is the domain of the ego. Consciousness was conceived after we dreamt of separation.

NEW AGE BELIEF -4: There is only change. We are constantly evolving and striving for perfection. Note: Nothing is perfect in this world.

ACIM -4: Spirit is unchanging, perfect, and eternal. This is the state of Heaven.

NEW AGE BELIEF -5: Truth is relative. Everyone is entitled to their truths, and there are levels of truth.

ACIM -5: Truth is not different for everyone. Truth is truth.

NEW AGE BELIEF -6: There are dimensions or densities based on vibrations/energy levels. The higher dimensions or densities are supposedly more enlightened.

ACIM -6: There are no levels in Heaven. All conflict arises from the concept of levels. We are either enlightened and back in reality with God, or still dreaming of separation. Only life in Heaven is real.

NEW AGE BELIEF -7: We can make choices at every moment, and our choices determine our life script.

ACIM -7: Life in all its myriad forms or possibilities is already scripted at the instant of separation. The only choice is in our mind, where we decide to identify with the Holy Spirit or with the ego when interpreting each moment.

NEW AGE BELIEF -8: Life in this world is beautiful and meaningful. Everything exists for a higher purpose.

ACIM -8: Life in this world is mad/insane. Nothing makes sense in this world. The world was made as an attack on God.

NEW AGE BELIEF -9: We have individual higher selves (souls).

ACIM -9: There is only one higher self, the Holy Spirit. Also known as the voice for God, our memory of God, or the reflection of God’s love in our dream.

NEW AGE BELIEF -10: Collectively, we are God itself. We are each an aspect or fragment of God.

ACIM -10: Collectively, we are the Son of God. God created only One Son of God. Technically speaking, there is no “we” since the separation into fragments did not occur.

NEW AGE BELIEF -11: Some new age beliefs postulate the existence of evil forces. There are also spiritual exercises to protect from negative energies.

ACIM -11: There is no evil or devil, only illusory madness projected by our ego mind and thankfully, they are not real.

NEW AGE BELIEF -12: Being individual souls, the attack is by others. Some teachings state that acts of hostility were planned between the souls before life as a lesson.

ACIM -12: Every attack is an attack upon ourselves. We project our unconscious guilt onto (dream) figures or situations that seemingly attack us. So now they are guilty, not us. The cause of our guilt arises from our imagined separation from God.

NEW AGE BELIEF -13: Life is an experience. Every choice and consequence has a higher purpose.

ACIM -13: Life is a lesson. Every opportunity is used by the Holy Spirit to teach forgiveness to undo the ego mind.

NEW AGE BELIEF -14: Events, places, certain timings, and numbers could have spiritual meanings, such as full moons; pyramids; Harmonic Convergence; 2012; Feng Shui; astrology; and numerology.

ACIM -14: Time and space are illusions, and Spirit has nothing to do with them. https://payhip.com/RobertHallTime Is Collapsing, we assist by forgiving All.

My Author’s name is Robert Hall, I go by Bob. I’m 71 and new to the publishing industry. I’m retired and used to be a manager in telecommunications, at Sprint and sales at Verizon. I became adept at figuring out technical issues to service our customers. I used Draft2Digital to publish my manuscripts and Payhip to design my website. https://payhip.com/RobertHall

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