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(i)Exalted and Perfect Planets

A Astrology planet which occupies its permanent housed and is in its own Raashi and

is not adversely aspect by enemy planets is the most exalted planet e.g. Jupiter in house no .9and in Sagittarius (Raashi no.9).

(ii) Planet’s own Raashi/House

A planet occupying its own sign (Raashi) is called a planet in its own house /Raashio e.g. Mercury in Virgo.

(iii) Enemy Planets

A week and debilitating planet occupying an enemy’s house and enemy‘s Raashi is the worst planet e.g. Saturn in Aries in house no .1.

(iv) Wicked Planets

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are wicked and sinful.

(v) Masculine Planets

Zodiac planets Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Saturn. They govern soul, body, blood and respectively. Minerals respectively.

(vi) Feminine Planets

Moon (mother) and Venus (spouse).

(vii) Eunuchs

Mercury which affects earth and vegetation. Rahu and Ketu are not planets. They are nodes affecting head and feet.

(viii)Exalted / Weak Planets

When a planet is in Raashi which is exalted/weak, it is called exalted/weak planet.

(ix) Neural Planets or Planets having Equal Strength.

Refer to the chart indicating g friendship and enmity of planets.

(x)Blind Horoscope

When house no .10 is being destroyed by two enemy planets, such a horoscope is called Blind Horoscope .Even exalted Saturn fails to help. Other planets. However benefic they may be, also fail to redeem it.

(xi) Partially Blind Planets

A partially blind horoscope is one when Sun is in house no 4. And Saturn is in house no 7.

(xii) Religiously Inclined (N bole) Planets

Rahu and Ketu, the wicked planets in house no 4. Take a vow before Moon (the mother) to shun their evil ways and Saturn, the most sinful planets in house takes a solemn pledge before Jupiter to give up its wickedness. In other words, if Rahu and Ketu are in house or in any house in conjunction with Moon and if Saturn is in house or in any house along with Jupiter, such a horoscope will not fall a prey to the evil designs of wicked planets. All planets will become noble and pious.

(xiii) Enemies Shedding Hatred and becoming Friends

When planets exchange places, they shed their mutual hatred and help each other

(a) If Saturn is in Aries and Mars is in Capricorn, the two enemies exchange their Raashis and do not harm each other.

(b) Sun in house no .10 (Saturn‘s house) and Saturn in house no 5(Sun’s house)

(C) Jupiter in house no.7 and mars in house no 12.

(d)Saturn in house no.1 and Mars in house no .10.

(e) Jupiter in Libra and venues in Sagittarius

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